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Stevie H

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i`m sure you can extend it, just pop into ford and they will tell you how much it will cost for how many yrs you want to extend it.

found this company online if any good for you to try also.. http://www.warrantywise.co.uk/ford-car-warranty/

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16 hours ago, Stevie H said:


I have a focus which is 3 years old in March. Does anyone know if you can extend a Ford warranty after the 3 year expiry date.




As far I know you can only purchase the Ford manufacturer 4 or 5 year extended warranty in the UK prior to the car being first registered. Was also told the same by the Ford dealer re the new car I'm getting shortly.

Info from the latest price list -

"Ford Protect Classic 4th/5th Year Extended Warranties

If you plan on keeping your car for longer than 3 years or are a high mileage driver you can extend your 3 year/60,000 mile warranty to either 4 years/80,000 miles or 5 years/100,000 miles.


Cover against the cost of repair or replacement of defective parts, or to repair a material, assembly or manufacturing defect recognised by Ford
Protection against unexpected repair bills
All repairs will be carried out by Ford Authorised Dealers using genuine Ford parts

Ford Protect Classic extended warranty plans can be purchased any time up until the vehicle's first date of registration"    

Worth asking a dealer but suspect you may need to look at third party products.


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