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Hi All

First thanking this forum for the opportunity to discuss My questions.

OK i,m an old Far3 in my 60 ish.

Well that got that out of the way i am going to purchase a 2013 ford fiesta sport 1.6 95 bhp 2013 face lift big grill,in the next week. my reason for doing this is purely convenience as at this moment in time i drive a VW polo 2009 have two Jack Russel's which i walk every day but they tend to reside on the parcel shelf shedding profusely i have no objection to this as it is not there fault and i love them both and they need as i do to be exercised every day.

Before you comment on make i do not need a VW Caddy the fiesta looks like a car has the rubber mat the bulkhead grill and sure footed steering but reliability of this engine is my question. most of my journeys are less than 15 minutes and once a week long 50min to 1.5 hours motorway. 

I queried Insurance and i can insure for €450 i guess because never had a accident no penalty points perfect driver for insurance quote.

Things are a little different here in Ireland when it comes to even getting a quote most insurers do or will not quote commercial vehicle for private use nil. 

Your views on this Vehicle will be appreciated.

Thanking you

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