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16 Focus Titanium 1.0 Ecoboost - retro fit electric folding mirrors


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Hi guys,

I love my 16 plate Focus Tit, but the one "annoyance" - as I park it in a station car park every day - is that the mirrors for such a well spec'd car aren't power folding...  I asked when I bought the car about retro fitting, and got a severe intake of breath, and "Only available when you order the car from the factory, sir"

Anyone know if it's possible, and if so whether it's economical?



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I believe it can be done by just buying the mirrors and buying the new switches, it will need to enabled using an ELM cable and Focccus software.


Get the parts off eBay to get them the cheapest. You may also need an extra wiring loom not sure on this though.

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Tot retrofit the autofolding mirrors you need the following parts:

* left hand autofolding mirror. 

* right hand autofolding mirror. 

* left hand door control module which supports autofolding. 

* right hand door control module which supports autofolding. 

* wiring between the door control modules and the mirrors. You can either change the complete door wiring looms or just make the missing wiring Yourself.

* window/mirror control panel with autofolding button. 


After all parts are installed the autofolding mirror function needs to be activated in the Central Car Configuration of the BCM and IPC.

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Thanks guys! 


I'll price that lot up...

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Just be aware though, your car is still under warranty and given any chance Ford will void it if they figure out you've added power folding mirrors, because not only have you tampered with the modules, wiring, and mirrors themselves, but you'll have tampered with the ECU and I got a stern telling off by my dealer about for even suggesting plugging in myself to read the codes!

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Thanks, for all the input.  I may well leave it, I'm close to packing up work for good, so I'm  not going to have to park at the station for much longer...

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  • 5 years later...

I am looking to upgrade mine 

I have found the modules if needed

and i have the mirrors and switch sorted

Would i need the loom ?

I have all 4 power close windows with global open/close and have F4, F5, F6 and F7 in rear fuse box with 25a fuses all in does this mean i have the loom and module or just loom

F4 25A Door control unit - front left
F5 25A Door control unit - front right
F6 25A Door control unit - rear left
F7 25A Door control unit - rear right
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Do they do powerfold mirrors with and without puddle lamps...?

Has been told you can get them without and then its 6 pins in mirror instaed of 8..?

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