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Some questions

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Right guys, here we go. I'll apologise in advance, I'm probably going to be a pain in the rear but there are a few questions I need answers to.

1. After having a 1.9tdi Galaxy which I thought for the size of car pulled really well, I'm a bit disappointed with the acceleration of my 2.0 petrol. It feels slower than my old Galaxy. Does anyone else with the 2.0 petrol S-MAX feel like it's a little under powered? 

2. My temperature gauge seems a little strange. I did a 15 minute journey the other day, parked for 5mins then another 20 minute journey. In that time the temp gauge only reached just over the second line. After so much driving I'd expect it to reach full operating temperature or does everyone else experience a similar thing?

3. How easy is it to upgrade the stereo to a non Ford type?

I'll probably have more questions but that's it for now.



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