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Mk 8 interior


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Does anyone know if it would be possible to retro fit a Mk8 full dash into the he 7.5? Love the quietly of the new one but don't fancy the 10k difference to upgrade to the new St line. So if I found a crashed cars interior when they start coming around would it fit? I'm sure they're the snake chassis so it's surely the same width, any help will be appreciated tia

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I'm sure it is possible, but I doubt you'll ever do it. It's that much work to do that by the time you get around to doing it, the new cars will be like a 5k difference to upgrade. It's not just as easy as pulling the dash out and fitting a new one. You have the stereo wiring, instrument cluster, fuse box, gear linkages, handbrake has to be adjusted and moved. I doubt the gearstick and handbrake are in the exact same position. Then you have the heater control wiring, the vent tubing to route, windscreen wiper and indicator controls to figure out.

Then there's the fact it might not even fit in the first place. Yes it might fit width wise, but chances are they've changed the a pillar design or the windscreen is different. Heck it might be a different depth all together. 

It's a massive project, certainly something I wouldn't be willing to do on a modern car. If you were going to do this you'd need another car to drive around in, don't expect it to be a couple day type project, especially if you have to start messing around with gear stick positioning.

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I expected most of this and I work in a garage so getting around in another car will be fine but I didn't think really think the gear shifter position and hand brake position through haha, and doubt it's 5k diffenecr my ecoboost is probs worth 7 to 8k now haha, I'll see if I can get nay more info or find a Mk8 to have a look at lol, but yeah won't be simple or easy job 

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