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Hi I'm thinking about  installing a cone INDUCTION kit onto my Gord Focus Ghia MK2 2.0 desiel  but I'm unsure how to do this as I was going to remove the factory fitted air box and do it that why but I've read that you can get alot of heat absorption  from it . Could someone please  advice me 

Thanks Mark 

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There are lots of threads on here if you do a search on this subject. But it depends on what you want to achieve  if you are just doing that then something like a K& N panel filter in your OEM box will be better that way you will not have to change it at service just give it a clean, flows better too . But if you are after more performance then what ever you do on its own  this won't do a lot if anything( maybe 5 BHP hardly noticeable)  but make a bit more induction noise and look cosmetically better. For performance you will do better with a remap  in combination with the induction system its surprising how this will make a considerable difference to your desiel more torque etc (more torque the better).At least you have a 2ltr a decent size engine to start.

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3 hours ago, Ford Mark1 said:

I don't fancy doing a remap more of  installing a decent chip 

Why not ?  The cost would be similar and better  genuine proven results. Some of the so called power chips on fleebay are proven to do absolutely nothing  and others questionable check out Utube. Have a look at my BHP for my MK2 done mostly by a remap .My first remap from a local Gurage put 75BHP on mine without any other mods (yes I know its a different engine but the principle is the same). Then I added other bits and another big remap to get the rest. better performance is already in your ecu it s just that you have an OEM  one for all map that suits the ordinary  joe blogs and European commitments  and overall differences in manufacture tolerances all you have to do is remap to get the best out. I promise you won't be disappointed and may local garages can do this and works well on  most diesels

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