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Wooing noise?


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Hello guys, hard to explain this one... I noticed recently that when stationary and begin accelerating (especially if i turn the steering wheel more to the left or remain in the middle) i notice a - what i can only describe as a "wooing" noise, almost like wind passing by at high speed? and it starts fairly low register, but as you pick up speed, the pitch increases an increases, until you're at about 30-40MPH at which point the general car noises start to takeover and out weigh the wooing noise, but it can still be heard...even as far as 50-60 at times. I cannot figure out where it is coming from....but it would seem as though the rear and if I turn left or have the wheel straight, it is seemingly louder?  but if I turn right, it becomes slightly quieter but this could just be my ears playing tricks as it is hard to reproduce this.


I'm suspecting bearings? perhaps? any way i can confirm this without taking to a garage who will say "yes, charge me it" and that not solve the problem lol.

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What are your tyres like? I know when mine need replaced as I can hear the difference which I suspect is caused by the ‘wear indicators’ as the tyre starts to get close to the limits.

Again, it could be a bearing, jack up a wheel and spin the wheel by hand, you’ll soon know if one of the bearings have gone by listening to the sound.

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I had a similar problem, although my "wooing" noise was more of a whine than a wooing. In the end it turned out to be the power steering pump. They had replaced the pump after I was having some steering problems and the the new pump started to make this wooing/whining noise, particularly when accelerating. It was especially noticeable in a lower gear. I returned to the garage and they said that the noise was definitely the power steering pump and that it would be more noticeable whilst getting up to speed as a result of the higher revolutions when accelerating. They did say it had something to do with there being air in the power steering system that needed to be purged. Not a hundred percent on how exactly this worked but after they drained the fluid and changed the liquid it was fine. 

It may be worth checking your power steering fluid level

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