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S-max Starting problems


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Hi there,

I have a 2013 S-max Titanium 2.0 TDi.~Up until recently I have had no problems.  However just about a month agoan intermittent problem has shown up.  Instead of the normal starting proceedure of depressing the clutch pedal and pushing the 'Start' button to fire the engine up, it occasionally now does nothing when the button is pushed.  The engine doesn't turn over.  There are no clicks or anything like that.  However when this happens if I then not only depress the clutch peddal but the brake peddal as well the nthe 'Start' button will then function normally and the engine will turn over and start. 

I have taken it to the local Ford dealer who has replace the clutch sensor switch and updated the software.  They then returned the car to me saying that it had cured the problem.  It seemed fine for the rest of that day but returned to it's old tricks the very next day.

I am now at a total loss to know what the problem is as even the dealer seems tp have been stumped by it.  Can anyone here give me any sort of insight as to what the problem might be.

Thank you .

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