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MK2.5 disc brake handbrake adjustment.


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After doing a rear disc conversion on my Focus I can't seem to get the handbrake adjustment right, it's either to tight, wheels binding, or there's to much travel on the lever.

I  know the correct way is to insert a 0.7mm feeler gauge in between the caliper spring and the caliper body on each wheel then adjust up until one or both gauges are free.

The question I am asking is where EXACTLY do I put these gauges. Can't find any diagrams or pictures of this procedure anywhere. If someone has a picture or diagram of this I'll be most grateful.

TIA Chris.

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I've never done it with feeler gauges, always just by eye but where the handbrake lever on the caliper hits the stop is where you need to set a gap. The cable obviously pulls it away from the stop but when you release there is a spring pulls it back to the stop. 

I haven't got a picture to show you at the moment. 

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The feeler gauges need to be inserted between the levers and the end stop of the brake calipers. Next the cable at the parking brake mechanism needs to be tightened until the feeler gauges come loose. This is the correct adjustment prescribed by Ford. I used this method several times without any problems.

Basically there needs to be a 0.7 mm gap between the levers and the end stop. This way there is always a very small amount of tension on the cables. In the ideal situation both brake calipers should have the same gap. However in real life the gap is usually different between both brake calipers.  

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Thanks guys I'll have a good look at the caliper and try and figure it out👍

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