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Over Revving Ka


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Hey guys, new here. I was hoping someone could help me. My 2002 Ka has been revving high when the clutch is pressed and idles high when put in neutral. It also practically spits out all the coolant is has after using it so i have to refill it every time i use it. Any ideas as to why?

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re the high revving. I would check every black rubber hose around the inlet manifold etc for an air leak. On my Mk1 Focus this problem was caused by a split in a black rubber hose about 1.5 - 2cm diameter under the inlet manifold. I know it's not the same engine so I don't know the location of possible culprits on your engine.

when you say it spits out the coolant - where from?  is it actually coming from the cap where you put the coolant in?  faulty seal on cap, faulty cap so the pressure relief spring in it releases the pressure too easily.  poor condition neck on the reservoir so the cap seal won't seal properly on it 

what is temp guage showing when it spits out the coolant? actually I don't even know if it has guage (i hate cars that don't).  could it actually be overheating due to faulty thermostat, silted up radiator (or even worse - head gasket)

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