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Mk6 Fiesta Remote Central Locking Problem


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This is my first post here so "Hii all" and thanks in advance for reading this!


My girlfriend has a 2007 Mk6 Fiesta and today without warning the remote central locking just stopped working upon arrival home - it's never had an issue before, there was no "fade", I just pressed the button to lock the car after an hour long journey and nothing happened.


The central locking is still working on turning the key physically in the driver's door (or pressing the driver's handle from inside the car). None of the 3 buttons on the remote work.


I tried changing the battery in the remote, but there was no change.


I also followed the instructions in the manual for reprogramming the remote feature of the keyfob after changing the battery - I got the tone after turning the key in the ignition to point II 4 times within 4 seconds, took the key out of the barrel and pressed a button on it and......most curiously........got a second tone! So the keyfob and buttons must be working and the keyfob is now programmed to the car. But still the buttons don't do anything.


I'm guessing that this must therefore be a receiver problem as the key is clearly still transmitting on pressing a button, the key is programmed to the car, and the central locking is still working and locking/unlocking both doors.


If anybody has had a similar problem or can offer any pearls of wisdom I'd be most grateful!!


Thanks again!



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On 8/25/2022 at 10:12 AM, Ron2134 said:

Hi, did you even sort this issue as I'm having a similar issue on my 2005 st150



Hi Aaron

Did you sort yours? I've got this exact same problem too... 

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