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Keyless entry sets off alarm


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Interesting one this morning, and probably one my neighbours will not thank me for at 6:45!

Pulled on my door handle this morning, doors opened and set the alarm off. Dash board was telling me to put the key in the arm rest where the sensor is.

The battery in the key has been changed within the last 6 months.

Any ideas as to what happened?

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It has happend to me too a few times.  Don´t grab the handle and pull it out quick. Now I let the lock and mirrors opens more before pulling the handle. I managed to silence the alarm by press unlock on the remote inside the car.

Btw, more fun is I have managed to set off other car alarms parked near me when passing them or opens my car. All Volvos 5-10 years old. :-D

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The same fault started on my Kuga some months ago so I started using the key fob instead of just using the door handle.  Two weeks ago I had a flat battery, the fault eventually being found to be a faulty door handle causing a 3amp current drain on the battery.  The handle was replaced (cost £230) which seemed to solve the problem.  However, one week later the original keyless entry problem has resurfaced.  Waiting for the door mirrors to completely open has not resolved it - the alarm still goes off!  Ford diagnostics has been unable to locate the problem!  Time will tell if the battery goes flat again.

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