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Is it worth parting out a scrapper?


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I've got a 2007 Focus 1.8 Zetec Climate and the MOT's just condemned it to death :sad:
The engine's had it and it had a few advisories on corrosion last time too.

Is it worth selling anything removeable or just get it towed 'as is'?

Although the tyres are new, they're only cheapies and the wheels were on the advisory list for flat spots on the last couple of tests

Is there much of a market for spares off it, given its age ?

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Wheels are easy to sell with good tyres as it's cheaper than buying just new tyres, but being budgets and looking a bit scruffy, not worth much.  If you do remove the wheels, the scrap yard often charges extra (or pays less) to lift it rather than roll it so you don't gain anything.  The cat will be worth some money if it's original (aftermarkets aren't!) but again the yard will pay less for the car with it missing.

Any nice options on it such as cruise or sat nav?  

You'll probably get the most money in the shortest amount of time and least hassle by selling to one of those places that advertises 'scrap cars wanted for cash', they often pay more than scrap yards in my experience.

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partly depends on:

If you start dismantling it  and selling parts do you have space to keep it partly dismantled where the neighbours (and other half) won't complain.

When you want to dispose of the remains (possibly not rollable) are you located in a place where you can get a scrap metal merchant to take the remains without charging you for the removal of it. (I am out of touch with scrap metal prices per ton at the moment , they do fluctuate and when high, scrap metal dealers will remove free if they don't have to travel too far)


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Many thanks

There's no options on it - it won't even have a stereo as that's going into the new one.
I did fit a dash dimmer a couple of weeks ago, that owes me a score :laugh:

Spoken to a few local scrappers today and offers range from £85 to £150 but it does need to roll onto the truck, so I either need 3 more spares or sell it with the wheels - the tyres only cost £240 odd in December, and different to those on the new one so I'm probably leaning towards binning the lot as senior management certainly wouldn't tolerate a gradually-decaying car on her drive for very long

Might just whip the battery out and be done with it

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