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Delivery Milage


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1 hour ago, Eric Bloodaxe said:

I had a mate who used to disconnect the speedo for half the year, judging his speed by the rev counter (you need to remember the mph per 1,000 in each gear, but of course we had less gears back then) - he always got a good price for his "low mileage" cars!😀

Back on the original topic, most of my cars have had 6-7 miles on collection, I have no problem with that.

In my youth it was common to clock cars by dismantling odometer, rearranging the digits as required. Not that i did.

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You could just change the dash clocks if its a digital reading...  Pre 2000ish they weren't even coded!  I've replaced quite a few in 306s as they burnt out.  Always wrote the mileage and date of change in the service book to keep it legal but don't know if the next owners sold them as genuine mileage, this was before online mot checks.

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3 hours ago, Bobr said:

I bought a Granada Scorpio 4 x 4 in 1990.   It arrived with 45 miles on the clock.   The dealer said that it had been thoroughly tested and I wouldn't have any problems.   He was right.   I did 178,000 miles in it.

Hmmm, meanwhile the 1.0 mk3 fiesta that went out the same day only had 4miles on it and had been ‘thoroughly’ tested 😉

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20 hours ago, iantt said:

Most come off the transporters with 3 miles, then parked up, moved back in for PDI, small road-test, parked up, moved for valeting. Parked up.moved for collection .  Quite easily have 7 miles on. 

I've had cars in the past that clearly have never had the PDI or road test, I'm going back some time but I guess nothing changed when the garage is busy. 

As for the miles shown on collection, I've seen cars come off the production line showing 999, 988.  You really wouldn't want to see that on collection..

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8 hours ago, Mavroz said:

That is putting the miles on a car, haha.

I have nearly done 3200 in my car, about 7 weeks left till it's first birthday. We do very little milage at all other than the usual, going to work, shopping etc.

Had mine 9 days now allready over your mileage 3450:smile:

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On 09/03/2018 at 6:45 PM, Mavroz said:

Will start a new topic rather than day this onto one of the other threads.

How many delivery miles would you all expect on a new car?

My mk 7.5 had 7 miles on it, the Mrs last fiesta had 3 miles on it.

I thought 7 miles was a bit high...


1 hour ago, Mavroz said:

Collected new car and it had 7.2 miles on it. Pleased with that.


Im now wondering why this topic ever started lol

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It was a question to see what delivery mileage people were getting on their new cars.

As said previously I didn't know what they came with as our last couple of cars have had around 5 to 7 miles, others have said no more than 5.

Will chose my questions carefully in the future.

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