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Ford Ranger wireless reversing camera


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Hello All,

Firstly hello and nice to meet you all.

I need some help with a wiring question.

I bought a wireless reversing camera system and have some questions about the wiring.

On the wireless receiver power input there is a blue (reverse 12v) and a Black (Ground)

On the monitor loom there is a yellow (battery Power +) and Red (ACC Power + <ignition power>) and blue (reverse 12v) and a Black (Ground)

Can anyone help me with where the wiring goes and also could i just connect the positives for the receiver and the monitor into the positive on the cigarette lighter socket and the grounds into the ground on the cigarette lighter socket just to make things easy or would that not work.

The example system is widely found on eBay. the item number is 330247751278

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I believe that it would be possible to piggy-back the 12V+ off the back of the cigarette lighter as I did this with a phone charger. The ground doesn't have to be wired in the the negative, it can connect to a bolt or screw as the entire car is ground to the battery (if you do this make sure the ground as clean and well attached.

For the ignition 12V+, you can either connect it to the ignition so it only operates when the car is running, though it depends on how difficult the ignition and wiring is to get to. The other option is to take a second piggy-back off the cigarette lighter and fit a switch so you can manually turn the system on. The issue with this is it depends on how the system operates and whether it needs time to boot up.

Not sure about the Reverse 12V though.

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