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Petrol remap


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Unless someone can hook you up with good cheap remapping then Tbh a big air filter and exhaust will probs nearly give as much power as a remap on a 1.6 and cost little. 

Just unlocking intake and exhaust gives more power and quicker throttle response. 

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42 minutes ago, Stoney871 said:


True Story 🐷

Interesting thread here regarding the 1.6 petrol focus https://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/topic/45736-any-updates-on-performance-mods-for-the-16-ti-vct/

I'm also trying to find one which i posted in a few years ago suggesting upgrades such as NGK Iridium spark plugs and a good quality engine earthing kit all helps improve performance and economy 



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drivability is what you need not top end u never use, so more go from 1500 to 3000

the remap isn't a totally stupid idea if its good low mileage car.... if its had naff oil changed only every 3 years or so and has more than 80k on the clock don't bother

if the cars a minter with less than 60k and always has decent oil and you plan to keep it its an OK idea (….if 300 quid out of your wallet will go unnoticed). it should give more go and better drivability down the bottom as well as a slight top end hit you will just about notice.   Silly exhausts and silly air filters are mostly placebo (like the read calipers)

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