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The Alloys Are Nearly There...

Michael P

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I have now ordered the tyres and fitting for them for next saturday morning!!

I have three complete, just need to finish one more. That one will be done on wednesday though

Picture shall OF COURSE be added when they're complete!! :D

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I had a little go at fitting one again!!

I discovered one of them is not punctured/ripped to shreds so i put it on and had a gander, i lurve them!!!




And a flower :)


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No, they're different pictures, just one's with flash!!

I thought it would be easier to see, oh well!

And yes! the flower, just thought i'd put it out there! :)

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Very nice indeed Mike!! :D Really adds to the look of the car.... best colour aswell! :P

That last photo of a flower is amazing, I'm very impressed :D ... Are you still using your bridge camera?

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I understand why you say that Andrew.

They do stick out a bit more than the ford alloys, but they are not overlapping the wheel arch, it's just right :)

Phew! You had me worried there for a minute! :D

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haha, i did wonder when i put them on!

i looked at the wheel from above and you couldn't see the tyre. i know there is a certail (albeit small) allowance

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