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The Alloys Are Nearly There...

Michael P

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Yes! Finally, it's been a long time now!!

I'm impressed with the tyres, they seem good. A little bit soft but they'll do.

Seems that the car is much better on narrower wheels, seems to be more fun to drive.

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Right, I have the alloys on.

Downside? I can't take anyone in the back of the car anymore.

Upside? I'm going to save alot of money.

The car is no longer getting money spent on it. It doesn't deserve it to be honest. Everything i have bought/spend on the car has gone wrong.

Mac ahoy, screw you M11HKL

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wheels sit wider than previous alloys, tyre wall too thick, soft suspension. All grouped up to make me a moody moose.

Tired last night with three average peeps in the back, scraped on the edge of the bumpers, turned around after 1/4 mile.

So no people in the back of it any more.

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The only way i can get it sorted is by buying new alloys, i'm not doing that!!!

Sell the ones that you have got on now and get some bog standard mk4 ford alloys that way you be able to carry all the chicks around :lol::lol:

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Sadly I think everybody gets fed up with their first car quite quick and get bored of it.

It happened to me, and most of my mates.

True luke i loved my first car at first then i wanted something newer and better.

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Its inconvenient but i'll cope.

Flic, i made a promise to you and that will be kept.

I love them to bits, they're staying.

Back seats will come out tomorrow!

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It is annoying. My mate's old 106 had similar problems. It had the standard Peugeot alloys on it (13"), and if he'd have 3 or more people in it the tyres would rub against the inside of the wheel arches. They would squeal like a piggy. He didn't do the sensible thing and stop people getting in the back though ... He just went through rear tyres like they were going out of fashion.

People have said why don't I get mine lowered and put 15" Zetec alloys on mine. But my cars often fully loaded and I'd be worried about them rubbing on the arches.

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