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Vibe passive subwoofer

Nick Y

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Hey folks. 
I never wired my old sub (fli 12") in my Fiesta Mk7.5 but have now bought a Vibe 12" passive sub to put in the boot as it's smaller than an active sub. 
Does anyone know how to wire it to the back of the stereo (I have a sync 1.1 system with navigation and DAB). 
The sub itself only has pos and neg wiring slots (no power) so am wondering if the back of my stereo has a specific slot in the wiring plug for a subwoofer or if I'll need to splice it into the speaker loom.
If I have to splice it into the loom, which would be the best option (front or rear)?

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You’ll need an amplifier, either, one with high level inputs that you connect to the speaker wiring or an RCA converter that you connect to the speaker wires and then use a RCA cable from it to the amp, that’s just for the signal. You then need a power supply from the battery and a switched signal to turn the amp on.

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I gave up and returned the item. Not paying another £100+ for amps and wiring kits. I only got it because it was a compact unit that would still leave more than half the boot space available. 
Refunded for that one and got a 10" active sub. I've got wiring for it as I've had subs before. Gonna have to splice the speaker cables on the loom though and wire a switch in so that if I have my mum in the car, she won't be deafened (I still need to find out which colour cables are for what speaker and which is ignition live). 

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