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Faulty head lights (dims only)

Johan van der Westhuizen

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Hi all, I'm new to this and not exactly sure how this works. The battery on my Ranger went flat as a result of me leaving the radio and the interior light on for two days over the weekend. So I jump started it, but after I did this I have an issue with the headlights. They are working perfectly when on brights but I have no lights at all when I dim. I checked all fuses, I changed both bulbs but still the same. If anyone has advise for me, I would really appreciate it. Thanks very much.

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Hello Johan (are you Norwegian ?), welcome to the Ford Owners Club.

I am just having a little difficulty understanding your terminology about the headlights so let me check what you mean.

Dim lights = Dipped Beam (or Low Beam)         Brights = Main Beam (or High Beam)

Is that correct ?

If your Ranger is similar to other Ford's then the Dipped Beam lights are controlled by electronic switches inside the Body Control Module (BCM), but the Main Beam lights are controlled directly by relays.

After jump starting the car, it can cause problems with the BCM.

Disconnect the Negative lead of the car battery for 20 minutes. Then reconnect it and start the engine and see if the dipped beam headlight have started to work again.

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