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Mondeo 2.0 2008 - AWF21 ASIN Transmission Fluid Change


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Hi All,

I have done my research to find all the parts/fluid etc I need to change the transmission fluid in my Mondeo 2.0 2008 AWF21 ASIN Transmission. There is tonnes of info on Powershifts, but not the standard transmission.

This post is to give some info to other looking to do it, but also to get a little bit of help finding the correct sealing washer...


So to do the change you need 7l of WSS-M2C924A (I am using https://www.westwayoils.co.uk/products/aw-1-atf-synthetic-transmission-fluid?variant=31658678354060). You also need 3 sealing rings (Drain plug, level check plug and filler plug), I spoke to Ford and found the part number for the drain plug and level check plug, but I cannot find the part number for the filler plug sealing ring.


The two with red arrows are the drain plug and level check plug sealing rings:



So if anyone could help me with the part number for the filler plug sealing ring that would be great?

Also, is it recommended to flush these? If so whats the procedure?


Thanks in advanced, and I hope this post might help someone else also.

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Put your VIN number into this parts catalog link, it should, repeat should, show you all the part numbers applicable to your vehicle.


There is little info about doing an trans oil change etc as officially, there is no recommended time or mileage when it is required. Likewise there is no recommendation to flush.

It is a bit of a pain to do as you cannot drain all the oil off - a large amount stays in the torque converter - so the only way to replace most of the oil is to drain and refill a number of times, running the veh for short periods in between changes, so that you finally end up with mostly fresh oil

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Hi @TrevorB,

Apologies for the delay in responding. 


It is a pain finding the information. I never managed to find anymore but luckily the seals are fine and I had to flush about 4 times to get the fluid looking fairly new again... Car does seem much smoother now though! 

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Hello, could you please indicate how to check oil level after change? I can see there is additional screw to check level noted on a picture in a first post but what is the correct procedure to check it?

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