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Fiesta MK7 Android Auto Upgrade


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Hello All , 


Hoping someone will be able to help me or point me in the right direction. I have just bought a fiesta 1.0 Mk7 2014 ecoboost. It has the Sony radio installed into it. I would like to install a an android auto radio instead so I can get my spotify and waze but I am unable to find any units. I've seen a few videos online of how to fit on NON Sony units but not for this unit. Preferably would like to fit myself rather than go to Halfords and pay extortionate prices. 


If anyone can help I'd be grateful spacer.png

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Well you have three options really.

The first is to replace the whole stereo unit with a double-din adapter and fit a standard double-din android stereo. This is the safest option as double din units can be replaced simply. However some people think they are ugly.

The second is to replace the top section only with an android system. You'll have to find one compatible with your model/year

The third option is to replace the whole unit with an android system that you will have to import from China at a cost of around £250. Most of them are semi-fake (they lie about the android version) and have poor performance but they do work. This is the option I have in my '09 Fiesta

There are a lot of crappy chinese units out there, the adverts imply they support things like android auto, but when you get them it doesn't. So it's important to find one with some legit reviews.

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