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Rattling noise in lower Revs - MK3


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Morning all. 

Over the past 2/3 weeks my mk3 ecoboost has started making a weird rattling noise from the bonnet. 

It started doing it in first and second gears when setting off and the noise would then disappear after a certain speed but now all gears make this noise in the lower revs. 

Once I hit 3.5k revs or more the rattling noise seems to stop. 

I'm not a car person so no clue what it could be. Any ideas? 

I guess I need to take it to my local Ford dealer to take a look


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There's a high chance this is caused by a lack of oil pressure, which is caused by wetbelt deterioration blocking the oil pump.  Very common on 1.0 EcoBoost's now.

At higher revs it may be able to make more oil pressure.  There's obviously enough not to trigger the oil pressure light at the moment.

If that is the fault, local Ford dealer will probably want to replace the oil pump and wet belts.  Cost will be in 4 figures.  I'd suggest not driving it in the meantime, in the hope that engine hasn't suffered major damage yet.

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