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Clunk In Steering When Turning ?


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I guess the car is still under warranty until the end of October when it will be 3 years old, but I've reported this problem to the dealer every time the car has been in for service or any other work - same response.

I agree that the variation in dealer attitude is indeed frightening!!

To me, a clunk indicates some sort of play in a component - excess play must surely result in premature wear/failure?? I fail to see why customers should pay for a poor design on Ford's part??

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That can happen to loads to of cars, it will be under warranty just call the MD of the dealer and tell him to sort it, if not then you'll pay for the repair independently and small claims them for the bill, either it's steering column or the rack itself, likely the rack ime, cheap and easy enough to replace on a Fiesta.

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The car has been back into the Stealers after they were instructed by Ford to contact me and book it in. The "re worked the universal joint" whatever that means ??

It made a difference, but the "clunk" has now been replaced with a "click" ??

Been back on to Ford again and I received an email this afternoon as follows:

I have spoken to XXXX, service Manager at XXXXXXX, who has advised he has spoken to our Ford Technical Department to advise
them that the repair conducted on your vehicle did not cure the concern. They have now been advised to replace the steering
shaft assembly and these parts have been ordered.

XXX has advised that he will be in touch with you soon to

get your vehicle booked in for this work to be carried out.

Kind regards,

Barclay Quarton

Ford Customer Relationship Centre

Is the steering shaft assembly the whole steering column ??



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The steering shaft should be the steering rack it self as I have changed a couple at work the steering column is held onto the rack via a uj joint

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Hi We had the same symptoms. booked car in just before warranty ran out April 2014. They replaced the steering column , but unfortunately 6 months later the clunking has started again. The car has only done 22,000 miles. Was brought from Ford Dealership. There is obviously an inherent fault. We will be going back to Ford. Keen to know if anyone has approached Ford out of warranty and what the out come has been.

We feel that we should not be liable for the cost if it's known fault ( which it seems as though it is).

Look forward to hearing from anybody.


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I am having the same problem but my car is a lot older than above. 53 plate.

I am due an mot soon and wondering if it will pass?! Plus how much will it actually cost to get this fixed?

The steering badge is now fixed to about 2 o'clock! When straight and only makes these noises when doing slow reverse parking or reversing around the corner.

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Just thought I would add to this so people can get it sorted.

I no longer have my Fiesta but I had the same thing. Column greased, nothing. Column replaced, worked for abit.

In the end I had the entire steering system replace, new rack etc under warranty and it fixed it.

Had many miles with new system and it not a problem.

Got told that its the pinion gear in the steering rack that causes this.

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It's the knuckle joint on the steering column when brought into ford all then it's done is its disconnected at the knuckle and greased then refitted, it's highly common in the pre facelifts

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Forgot to mention my car had to go in Ford for a new badge and it was them who told he it needed greasing but wanted to charge me £50..

I knew it had a clunk on low speed but they say that it's the grease that need doing..

So any help regarding which grease would be best either copper or normal would be appreciated..


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