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Hi All, Focus 2.0 Tdci Titanium


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I've had my black Focus mk2 2.0 tdci titanium since the end of November, it is currently in the garage as I pranged it off a kerb when the snow hit last. I've banged or been pranged in the last three cars I've owned within the first month or so. I'll be keeping the Focus for some time I think because of this :)

I really like the handling of the car but would just like to tighten it up a little bit and get a bit more poke. It does however have a "wooing" noise that seems to come from the top of the engine. It can be heard when moving and idleing. Sounds like air coming through something like when you blow over the top of a bottle.

I'm looking at filter, lowering and remap when I get it back if anyone has any experience of equipment or reviews of any tuners.




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Hi mate and welcome to the club! Bad bit of luck you had there in the snow, but hopefully it works out ok for you. Was it minor damage?

Clean lookin car you got there buddy! I'm on a 55 plate 2.0 TDCi Titanium as well, but mine's a Jeans Blue 3 door.

Just replaced all filters last weekend, I tend to stick with genuine Ford items, especially for oil and fuel, but won a Pipercross air filter for cheap on eBay this time round. The car does seem to be breathing a bit better, but hard to pick up any notable difference that I can be sure was a result of the air filter and not just the all round service.

Haven't looked into performance upgrades much as yet, more concentrated on the aesthetics, but I reckon once it looks how I want it to, I'll be saving for DPF removal and remap, maybe even an Airtec Gen3 intercooler to go with. Haven't heard of too many 2.0 TDCi owners with remaps and performance upgrades, so would be keen to follow any progress you make and see what sort of returns we can get out of them.

You got any plans for appearance mods? Lots of info on here to help upgrade the car...expect a deterioration of your bank balance though!

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Its about £1200 worth of damage front left corner. No bodywork, just the alloy, tyre and some of the arm and suspension I think. Only £100 on the excess and protected no claims so its not the end of the work.

I'm looking at some new alloys anyway. 18" gunmetal focus RS replicas £539 off eBay with tyres.


I'd then like an ST rear spoiler. The springs will be Eibach, around £170 all round with 30 - 40mm lowering, it really makes a difference to the look of the car IMO as the arches are HUGE lol.

The remap is going to be done by either Angel Tuning or R Tech in Hinckley. It takes the power up to around 165 - 170BHP and gives around 300lb/ft torque. I know the clutch will give eventually (as I wont be able to help myself putting the boot down ) but a new DriveTorque Stage 3 clutch kit will sort any future worries.

I have read about the airtec being a good intercooler. Only around £250 as well, originally saw a Code Red one but its £600 (ouch).

I'll keep you posted of any mods. I would like an ST kit but want to see how it sits just with rear spoiler, alloys and lowered.

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I wish mate! Apparently it was an option on ours, and whoever ordered mine to begin with had it!

£1200 seems a lot for the damage, but I suppose if you're going through insurance it'll all be genuine new Ford parts yeah? As you said though, not too bad if it's only gonna cost you a ton.

I'm actually in the middle of an insurance debacle myself at the minute... was rear ended 5months ago (yes FIVE!), minor damage but needs a new rear bumper. Luckily enough though I had an ST bumper and skirts in storage so will be having those sprayed and fitted instead. Got hold of a complete front bumper then cheap too so will be having the whole kit put on once I get the green light. Not half dragging their heels though!

Good thing about your car being black is you might pick up ST parts already in your colour and not need to pay for paint, which is never possible for me.

I also picked up an MS Design spoiler in my colour ages ago as I hate the non-colour coded black plastics, but have since picked up an RS spoiler, so will be trialling that when the ST kit goes on. Will need to see it fitted first before I decide on keeping it though, might be a bit OTT for my liking!

Really like the look of those alloys. I was lucky enough to pick up a set of genuine Ford pre-facelift ST alloys for a steal, but they could be doin with a refurb at this stage so thinking some sort of gunmetal/anthracite colour when I get round to it.

It'll be after I get the kit on, new exhaust to fill the bumper cut-outs and wheel refurb before I start looking at the performance upgrades. Intercooler would prob be top of the list and then a remap to complement it and the exhaust. Might all be wishful thinking depending on the finances but we all need a dream!

My car's currently lowered on Apex springs (was when I bought it, but I'd prefer Eibachs) so is lowered about 40mm all round and with 18inch STs, rest of the kit is standard apart from the spoiler. If you want to see any pics of how it stands, just shout.

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I'll have to check my log book and see if there is a DPF on mine then. Didn't realise it could be on the earlier models, it'll be coming straight off if there is.

I'm constantly searching eBay for panther black focus parts in the hope an ST is breaking.

If you could put some pics up of it on the springs and ST alloys I'd much appreciate it. Do you get any scrubbing on the arches under full load or on full lock?

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Yeah, it can be a long endeavour to try and source all the parts! I ended up gettin really lucky with mine, only thing I had to order onlline and so pay for postage was the skirts, the rest I was able to source locally and collect...which is never easy this side of the pond!

See below a couple of pics of my car, these are prob the best ones I have unfortunately! Given that the weather has been pretty awful for as long as I can remember now, this was taken a while back, but think it's the most up to date one I have.


This one was taken a couple of months earlier I think before I wrapped the side repeaters...


And here's one giving a better pic of the front wheel and arch clearance...


And finally one of my car as it stood shortly after I got it.


Had aftermarket alloys on it which were 7.5J wide, had no issues with these but when put on the genuine Ford wheels, which are 8J wide, I get rubbing on the driver's side on full left lock. Would recommend fitting the steering rack limiter kit from Ford if putting on wider wheels...check Lenny's thread about his imminent wheel upgrade - "Then the steering rack limiter kit from ford is 12-15pounds and limits the turn of the hubs when fitting 18" rims or higher, to prevent the tyre from rubbing the inside section of the hub on full lock when parking etc." http://www.fordowner...-will-they-fit/

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I think I'll have a look for 7.5J wheels rather than limit the steering.

Your car looks nice on those ST allows and lowered. I like the 3 doors but needed a 5 for practicality.

Stoney871 - Cheers.

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