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Uploading Pictures To A Gallery


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A lot of members have been experiencing an issue on the forum creating albums and uploading pictures to the gallery using certain web browsers. The following steps is an alternative way to upload pictures until the issue with the site has been addressed courtesy of Jeebowhite.

Walkthrough is here: http://www.fordowner...lery/media/5031 - full pictures and descriptions.

  1. Click "The Club+" in the blue bar and then under "Club Features" click "Upload Media"
  2. Click on the "My Media" button in the top right corner (to the far right of the "Media Library"
  3. Click "Create" Under your avatar.
  4. Create a folder name, and then click the "Create Album" button closer to the bottom of the white panel.
  5. Once you have created the album, if it hasnt already loaded, click the new album name and then click "Upload" under your avatar.
  6. Go through your computer and highlight the file/s that you want to upload.
  7. Once you see next to "browse" button, the files that you have just chosen, click the "Upload" button just below
  8. If you get a 404 error, dont worry, press F5 and then you should see your photo album
  9. The copy the page link from your albums and post a link to your albums on your profile page.

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