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New Member Looking To Gradually Improve Mk2 Focus


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Recently bought a mk2 Ford Focus LX 1.8 TDCi (06), breaking the bank in the process! After owning a chavvy 1.1 saxo for my first car (not really by choice), I was looking for something bigger, more powerful and more luxurious with better build quality.

The mk2 Focus looks sweet, drives really nicely, and is soundly built! I am really pleased with it! Kinda gutted I couldn't get hold of a Ghia model but I am looking to add upgrades to my LX.

Firstly, the audio system. The sound quality is insane inside the Focus! So loud and crisp! There's certainly no urgency to change that but I do have the 5000CD which looks very bland and would like to swap for a screen at some point. For now though, it would be nice to add an aux lead to enable the aux function it currently hasn't got, and also the bluetooth!

Another change I'd like to make would be to replace the plastic exterior trim with chrome! Looks so much nicer in chrome. Also fog lights would look cool.

Haven't really given it too much thought atm as I've not long had it and am just enjoying it for what it is atm! Also the bank is quite tight! Haha.

Any suggestions? Not looking for mods as such, just upgrades.

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Welcome along, I like you am looking to slowly improve the appearance of mine, I personally get very frustrated at my colleagues in the mods department... They have far too many mod's that I want to do but cant afford :P

when you see Lenny, take a look at his list also, another good range of idea's on his signatures too!

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