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Abs And Traction Light On

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Hi all

hoping you all can give me a little advice

for the last few months my ABS and traction control lights have been on, it was pretty intermittent, it started when the snow came down then they went then came back so on and so forth, the last week or so they have been on constant

anyway my MOT is due in a couple weeks so figured id get it all sorted, ive read every forum post i can find so knew it could possibly be a sensor or the wiring, so I asked the garage to check the sensors and wiring etc

so apparently my rear subframe bushings need replacing. which is gonna cost me about £400

now if thats the problem then thats fine but I havent seen anyone anywhere with the same issue online talking about bushings, Basically I dont want to get bent over and pay for something that isn't going to fix the root problem.

Ive just ran my ODB thing (not an amazing one) and it came up with the following




now i realise one of those isnt actually a valid error code but could be their due to fiddling with Radio (i disconnected the battery, so had to put code back in)

any advice appreciated, im about as mechanical as a fish and im not to confident testing much myself, so if anyone knows of a garage in sheffield that wont bend me over and shaft me that would be great


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If the ABS and traction control lights are in will be either a duff speed sensor or as was my case a broken wire to the sensor a good code reader will tell you which wheel has the fault, the good news is a sensor is about £25 from eurocar parts, the bad news is ifits the wiring it can be time consuming

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Just an update

turned out it was the rear hub that had gone which relieved me of a pretty penny.... still think I have a speed sensor issue as there is an error code popping up but all my lights are off...

Except my new p2002 code which i will be repairing on tuesday as well as a good going over the rest of the car

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