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Gearknob Mk4. Tatty And Silver Trim Peeling And Sharp. Removal Help ??


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Hi all

My gear knob has peeling silver paint around the edging trim, and has a sharp edge to it. I want to replace the gearknob but need to know how it comes off. I would have thought it would just unscrew but I've tried and it won't move (unless I'm not trying hard enough but I didn't want to force too hard and break anything)

Can anyone advise how to remove my knob (ooo er missus!!!).... Does it simply unscrew and I wasn't trying hard enough or is there another way??


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Mine is the same! I tried looking at replacing it before and I just didnt have the time to faff.

Unscrew anticlockwise, this will remove the knob, and then resecure the replacement in clockwise motion.

Will be interested to hear how much it costs you!

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You can't damage anything mate its just a two handed grip to loosen it and then it goes from there.

Also you need to make sure you get a knob that supports the reverse lever. So it had to have a gap around the underside for this to work.

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Finally found a new Richbrook on eBay... £30 new usually, but I was only bidder so got it for £9.99.... Looks and feels good though I expect it to be very cold to the touch first thing in winter!!post-15750-143401441478_thumb.jpg

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