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Egr Valve

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Hi all.

I have been advised that the lack of power from my Mondeo 2.0 163 in the lower rev range is caused by the EGR Valve and have been quoted £340 to change it.

My question is Should I change, Clean or have t blanked off?

My first instinct is to remove and clean it to see if that helps resolve the problem.

Also Where is the Damn thing on my car? I cannot see it or I would have cleaned it first of all.

Along with that would it make any difference to the cars performance to Remove and clean the inlet manifold.

The car has covered just short of 130,000 miles.

:) :unsure::rolleyes:

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Definitely have a go at cleaning it, then i would probably put some bg244 in and run a couple of tanks of bp ultimate or v power diesel.

If problem still persists then you're probably looking at more than a dirty part.

If the egr valve is really dirty, like halfing the airflow diameter through it, then i would give the inlet a clean as well. I cleaned mine yesterday and it had a couple mm of dirt in places and mainly just surface dirt, according to guides on the interweb that means the inlet is fine, was raining so i took that advice lol. Car felt better and gave less smoke on 50m test run (i did change oil, fuel filter and air filter as well).

So yeah, potentially save your self a few hundred quid and get your hands dirty, trust me wear gloves lol.

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Sorry forgot to say im a mk3 owner, euro 3 as well so the egr is easy to find, clean and blank. If you do clean yours, i would blank it as well, but i know on later mk3's and mk4's this causes the engine management light to come on.

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I f you get the car plugged into a diagnostic computer can you not get the egr deleted off the cars system which stops the light coming back on.

Could it possibly be that you cant find the egr because it has already been taken out :D

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Thanks for the advice guys.

I will clean it and re-fit. There is a garage in Motherwell which can take the EGR function out of the software so I will clean it and see how it goes then iff it is the same I will probably blank it off.

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When I asked a tuning company about getting my EGR "deleted" while getting a remap, they said they only do that in conjunction with the DPF also being removed as doing the EGR alone could cause the DPF to fail. Not sure why that would happen but thought I should pass it along.

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I have a 2.0 tdci mk4

I removed the egr from mine and it really wasn't worth it as its a pain to do. All it had a a small trace of soot. Nothing like I had on the old mk3.

If you do decide to undertake it then you will need to cut down a 5mm allen key. The bolt you'll need this for is underneath the egr and out of sight.

This is all assuming the 2.2 is of a similar layout to the 2.0

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I though I would share my thoughts on removing the EGR from a mk4 Mondeo. Unfortunately due to stress levels I never took and photos.

The EGR is at the back of the engine on the top. 4 bolts are easy to see and remove, 2 of the bolts fix the EGR to the engine block and the other 2 bolt the EGR to the EGR cooler. There are 5 other bolts you need to remove as well. These are for the metal pipe that goes from the EGR to the inlet manifold, 2 at either end and 1 bolt that secures this metal pipe to the side of the engine.

The one bolt I couldn't find was underneath the EGR itself. You cant see it at all. I ended up going out to buy one of those dentist style mirrors which helped no end. This last bolt is an allen bolt that requires a 5mm allen key, the allen key needs cutting down somewhat in order to fit as space is very limited. Once this bolt is loosened (you dont need to remove it) the EGR can be removed by sliding it back towards the windscreen area. This whole precess took be about 2 hours plus to figure out and then about 10 minutes to put back together.

After all of this my EGR was nothing like I was expecting. My car has covered 80,000 miles and it was clean, a bit of soot but other wise there was nothing. My MK3 was caked at this mileage and to the point that you could scrape it out. It seems the MK4 runs muh cleaner.

I certainly wont bother removing it again unless it is to replace it. I was hoping this was the cause of my poor fuel economy but it now seems it's my MAF sensor but a full diagnostic on Tuesday will confirm this for sure.

I'm working for the next few days but if I get a few spare minutes I'll take some pictures that might help others out and save you time trying to figure out how it comes apart (Haynes manual was next to useless)

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I have decided to have the EGR removed and have it re-mapped at the same time. Getting it done at a local garage which specialises in performance cars and tuning. The owner has the same car as me and has re-mapped it but has not removed the EGR.

I had a wee drive of it today and the power difference is massive. (I believe it takes the car to about 200 BHP from the stock map of 161)

Should have it done in the next couple of weeks.

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