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Rough Idle - 06 Mondeo

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So I recently bought an 06 mondeo, that has a rough idle.. I took it to kwik fit to get some new tyres, and they did the free 15 point check.

They thought it might be the flywheel, but weren't sure. My friend (mechanically competant) said it could be that, but he was also unsure.

Anyway, after driving it hard on the motorway for 2 hours the problem goes away and it idles fine.

Driving for an hour on the motorway clears it a bit, but not completely.

Driving around town etc has no noticable effect on it.

Any ideas? I would have thought if it was the flywheel, the issue wouldn't go away after driving it for a while?



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i would give the egr valve and manifold a clean to see if this improves the situation, its a messy job but can be done with a few basic tools.

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