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Advice Please - Mk3 Tdci

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Hi all,

First post ; request some help please.

Mk3 2005 TDCi Ghia X. 128k.


1. Starting. When cold starts easier. 1 or 2 key turns. However, when hot much harder to start. 4 or 5 key turns.

2. Lower power when running.

3. MPG has reduced from 59MPG typically, to 46MPG.

4. Very rattley when ticking over...more than usual.

5. Gets hot very quickley ; I dare not go above 50mph.

6. Unusual smell - probably due to the heat.

There are no warning lights on the dashboard and the starting sequence warning lights are normal.

All the reservior levels and oil are OK.

Has had full service (fuel, air, cabin & oil filters, oil change) recently.

I checked the fuel filter and that is all OK.

Started these problems this weekend so cannot get a garage to look at it over the bank holiday weekend..very bad timing. Praying each time I try to start it.

Any idea what these issues relate to ?

Grateful for any advice. Thank you.


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Dose the noise come more with clutch pressed down or not.Have you had a pressure test done on your water system?

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Just to close this down , I took it for check at a Ford garage.

Problems were:

MAF needs replacing.

Crankshaft pully is splitting.

It was suggested that I have the aux tensioner changed at the same time plus the aux belt.

I did have the aux tensioner & aux belt changed a month ago.

Anyway, was quoted £798 plus VAT.

Time to upgrade to a Mk4.

Thanks for the replies.

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