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Rough Juddering At Idle And In Motion

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Hello there, I have a Ford Mondeo 2008 2.0L Petrol (Manual) which has developed a problem over the last 4 days.
When I turn the engine on, the car shakes at what appear to be random intervals. This continues for as long as the car is running. If I go on my way, it feels like when you are running on the last few ml of fuel before the car grinds to a halt irrespective, particularly noticeable when trying to maintain a lower speed between 1-30 mph. Travelling and stopping makes no difference, the symptoms remain. I was hoping this problem would simply disappear.
Sometimes the rev counter goes up and down from under 1000 revs to over 1000 revs and other times the rev counter remains almost perfectly steady, but regardless the symptoms remain the same (see the videos linked at the bottom for evidence).
Using the clutch pedal makes no difference.
I have a medium amount of engine oil and it isn't due an oil change yet, I do less than 10,000 miles a year.
I am quite concerned because even my passengers can feel it, meaning it is a particularly strong movement (smaller ones you would only notice as the driver).
A faulty idle air control valve would explain the problem in standing traffic but not the fact that you can feel something is wrong when on the move. The injectors were changed approx. 2 years ago so don't think this is the problem.
Can someone please tell me what they think this is and how easy it is to repair?
In case anyone has experience with the symptoms described, I have uploaded a couple of videos:
Any thoughts?

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