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Cruise control broken by garage on Mondeo mk3


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I've just brought an 53 reg Mondeo as I've started doing alot of miles for work and wanted a more comfortable place to be in than a Modus. 
Anyway, it's got an oil leak and the coil spring collapsed so i had it in the garage for them to replace the coil spring and clean the engine bay to investigate the oil leak.
All of that was done fine, they told me it's a gearbox leak but that's another matter. When i was driving hie i noticed my cruise control had stopped working. It was working when i drove to the garage.  
Do you know of anything they might of done during the work they did that messed up the cruise control?

I took it back this morning and they had a look into it but they couldn't work out what was wrong, they checked both fuses for it but they were fine. They sent me away with the words "wait for it to dry out and it might start working" and to book the car in if it isn't working by next Wednesday. 

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15 hours ago, pragmatix said:

Did they power wash the engine bay, if so it may well be water ingress, if so it should dry out but don't bank on it.

This seemed to be what they suggested, basically fingers crossed it starts working again. We'll see what the next few days bring...

15 hours ago, TomsFocus said:

I can't think of anything under the bonnet that would only affect the cruise control tbh? 

There may be a code stored stopping the cruise (faulty brake switch for example) but it'll need specific diagnostics rather than a generic OBD2 scanner.

14 hours ago, iantt said:

The cruise is controled by the pcm, brake switch, clutch switch, thats about it, certain dtcs may stop it working , abs, pcm,

Is there any easy/cheap way to check if the switches are broken? 

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Sorry to hijack but on the subject of scanning, is there a smartphone app you can use?

I have a wifi OBD plug and when I plug it in to the port I can scan for fault codes using a free app, I think it is torque and it showed up an error with my stop/start so it's going in soon to be looked t under warranty, car is a mkV. On my Skoda fabia Monte Carlo I use an app called carista and you can make a few changes that normally needs VCDS, is there something like that for Ford?

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On 28/01/2016 at 0:12 PM, TomsFocus said:

Easiest way is to plug in a diagnostic tool...  Not the cheapest way if you don't have access to one though.  I'm surprised the garage didn't scan it for faults while you were there tbh.

I've looked at some of those ODB2 scan tools which are around the £15 mark on eBay. Would that be able to do diagnostics?

Also, I'm fairly supposed and not particularly impressed at the garage myself, unfortunately that's the garage my warentee is tied in with. 


On 28/01/2016 at 5:26 PM, jeebowhite said:

have a look at "my guides" in my signature, then "got an error on your car" - get a modified elm cable and use it with FORSCAN!

Apologies but I can't seem to find the my guides in your signature, possibly becuase I'm on a mobile. What will the elm cable and fordscan allow me to do?  

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Basically it allows you to read error codes from all modules on the car including airbag, door modules etc rather than just the cache of the ecu. I will find the link for you

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On 31/01/2016 at 8:37 AM, jeebowhite said:

Even then a modified elm is only 16 pounds or thereabouts

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Brilliant, Thanks for all the advice. I'm going to look into the OBD reading for future use.


On 30/01/2016 at 9:14 AM, TomsFocus said:

The £15 generic scan tools will usually only read PCM (engine ECU) faults, that may work, but the codes you need may be in other modules.  Forscan is a much better alternative. :)

What's the difference between Forscan and the generic scan tools?

The car went back to the garage Wednesday, it turned out that they'd knocked the break switch out the socket so the cruise control thought the car was breaking. Took about 10 seconds to clip it back in, despite it being in the garage for about 4 hours...  Well at least it's all fixed now!

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Forscan is written specifically for Ford and mazda as they both use the same can bus communication, as such it's bespoke and accesses a lot more of the modules.

Other software is generic and so won't all access all modules.

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