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Footwell Air con .... pipes????


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yea, this is gonna be a vague one. 

so when i bought my car a couple weeks back, there were two random black plastic... tube kinda things in the boot. I did not know where they are for.. and so ive just put them in a cupboard for now

looking at a post in regards to footwell lights, i THINK ive spotted the same pipe / funnel / whatever on a picture. Looks like the blower, when you have it set to blow in the footwells... it may channel through here to direct it at your feet? 

I have no pictures of them yet - i will take some later, but does anyone know what i mean? do you have a picture of one so i can confirm what i mean? ive googled and cant find any

next question would be, how to fit them back on!? may be simple once i look, but i dont have a lot of knowledge on the car yet



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1 hour ago, stratoc said:

I have a 2.5. It has 2 black plastic flute type things under the front seats, they face to the rear to send air or heat to the people in the back I reckon.



its like a sorta rectangle shape, one big opening and  a few channels on the other side? I really find it hard to explain haha


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