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*** PCP Service/MOT Questions


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Hi all

My daughters car is on a PCP and her first MOT is due towards the end of March, early April this year and I was wondering if, because of PCP restrictions, she has to have her car MOT'd by the main dealership who supplied the car or, can she have it MOT'd at an MOT station of her choice?

Her car is also due for a brake fluid change, if we have it done, can this also be done by Formula 1?

We normally use our local Formula 1 Auto Centre for MOT's, service, tyres and exhaust requirements and have always found them to provide an excellent service at a decent price.

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You can take your car where ever you like. The only condition with the pcp is that it is kept in a reasonable condition. If there is any ford warranty then this too won't be affected as long as you use ford parts when it's serviced.

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Hi Willy

Thank you for your reply regarding restrictions with a car on PCP.

That's great to know but I should have said that she has a MINI Cooper D but I'm hoping that your info is also good for her MINI???

With regard to the new '15 plate 5 Door Fiesta 1.0T Eco Boost Titanium X in Candy Blue that I purchased around the same time as you got your new Fiesta, I'm not sure if I mentioned it at the time but, because parking issues and a few of our 'so called' neighbours who would continually park right up to my bumpers, my lovely Fiesta was damaged twice.  This was stressing me out so, around June last year, I sold it back to a main Ford Dealership and I do not have any car now.

I'm continually looking at new cars and occasionally think of buying another but, we are still at the same address (41 years), so I'd only end up in the same position.  To 'keep my hand in', on occasions, I still drive my wife's C4 Grand Picasso and my daughter's MINI Cooper. 

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