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Ford focus mk3 SonyDAB blown. Are grey radio boxes behind facia inter-changable?


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Hi everyone,

First post here apologies for it being a request for help.

I've had a search around to make sure there aren't other posts but I can't see anything which answers my question directly.

I have a 2011 Focus Titaniun. It has the Sony DAB unit fitted, non nav version.

I was driving along one day and it blew... Big bang then nothing,stereo completely dead.

So I've spoken to Ford, who say it's not a common problem but are looking to charge 95quid to do Diagnostics on it and then want around £400/to fully replace the stereo.

I will not be paying them this.

The facia buttions for the locking and the hazardlights still work so I think the faceplate is fine. The silver box smelled a little and on opening it up the circuit board appeared to be a little charred. So I'm gonna buy one on eBay.

My question (at long last) are the silver DAB boxes inter-changable. There seem to be at least 7 different part numbers for them on DAB versions alone! 

I've attached a picture of my part number (top) and the most comparable looking one I can see on eBay at the moment (bottom)

All advice/help is appreciated!

Thanks F1zealot


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OK. I feel like I've really overcomplicated this post. The one I've found is 60quid and ima go for it. Will post the results on here should anyone else have the same issue.

In the mean time is anyone aware of a way I could test the stereo out prior to fitting?

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