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Mk7 Eibach part numbers


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So does anyone with these fitted have some before/after pics? (petrol ZS comparison preferably)

I know Pumaspeed have a comparison pic on their site, but the 2 pics are taken from different angles and are quite misleading.

Also, can anyone comment on the difference in ride quality after fitting?

(Is it much different from stock? Do your fillings get shaken loose every time you drive?)

Cheers, Dave.

the ride is hard but not to hard if you no what i mean and the cornering is a lot better than standard.

and as for warranty with ford they fitted mine and did not mention a thing also altered the camber.

hope the spelling is ok (i'm not eight honest)

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So if i order the springs direct from Eibach using the codes eariler and then walk in to my local ford dealership with a Eibach box of springs complete with invoice and the box sealed this will not affect my warrenty????

Or is a part number about to get them from ford???

Also any pics???

I have the zs tdci in white so if by chance there is a white one lowered i would love to see it!!!!


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