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Ford Focus 2008 1.6tdci limp mode! See attached ford diagnostics report

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newbie and know nothing about cars, i bought a ford focus 1.6tdci studio 2008 plate. 135,000 miles, its an ex police car 1 owner and full service history. 

Paid £1700 so thought it was a good deal for cheap motorway miles as it has full history and servicing despite being high miles.

anyway problems started a month after purchasing.

I came to a roundabout and the engine just cut out and all the dash lights flashed on, i waited 5 mins and it started and was fine for a few weeks.

in this time ford did a full service, and as he was a friend he also checked over the car due to the roundabout cut out but said it looked fine, he supected the fuel filter but said it was ok.

a few weeks later i get the red engine light (exclaimation mark) it was intermittent at first and only came on occasionally. 

Now it comes on all the time, its off when i start it up and generally comes on after the first 100 meters. When it comes on my car is in limp mode with no a serious lack of power when I try to accelerate past 30 mph. 

Took it to my friend at ford who ran diagnostic reports please see attached. I dont understand them, but the issues he thought were water in the gem module ecu not reporting properly, or a new turbo. 

He even got the senior technician to have a look who was unable to identify the problem and said it could be a number of things and not worth the money of trying to find out and eliminate them.

i then read online that it could be a split hose and to get a blanking plate - he can do this for me, but does it seem unlikely that it is this? And that it is something more serious? How would i know if the turbo had gone? Sometimes when i drive there is rattle type sound when revving, apart from that at 30mph it drives nice and smooth even though the light is on. I have just lost my job so need it for interviews, and hopefully a cheap fix i can try before giving up on it and scrapping it. Any help much appreciated. Thanks








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That's a lot of faults!!

Did they all return after clearing?  I assume he knows what he's doing though.

It does look like a wiring or ECU fault from that...not the GEM but the engine ECU.

Turbo can be checked for shaft play easily, pull the inlet hose off and see if there's play up and down and in and out.  It won't boost if you're in limp mode already though, that's part of limp mode.

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I dont know if they cleared. So can i buy a new ECU? Or how much to get it repaired? Ignore the hand written notes they are just what i wrote whilst he was talking about possibilities . Think this is the problem as there are too many faults, if he does a new ecu but it doesnt help, then does a new gem module and still nothing it could end up being the turbo after all. So perhaps he is right and it is not worth it. I just need to try and narrow down the problem/ elininate . Any help appreciated

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