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1.6 focus 2006 tdci no fuel getting to filter

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Hi All,

I broke down on the way home from work today, the car just stopped on the motorway, and when I got pulled over it started back up for a second but made a rattle sound and cut out, it seems as if no diesel is getting to the fuel filter there is diesel in the car as I topped it up today, my question is this: is there a lift pump incorporated into the tank sender unit? there are no faults showing on my obd scanner

any ideas anyone?




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yep, took the nipple off the top of filter and cranked.. No diesel getting to it, I'm getting different opinions as to whether or not there is a pump in the tank, I rang ford today and gave them the vin no and they said there is a pump attached to the sender unit in the tank, but a few other mechanics have said there is no pump. May have to just pull it apart to be sure.

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Update on this: managed to get it running but it ran like a pig... rattled like it was going to sh*t itself , plugged it in with a different scanner and it threw up a low pressure at fuel rail, so put new fuel filter did the metering valve and the fuel rail pressure sensor also .... and away she went..

must invest in a better diagnostic scanner as the one I was using is vagcom but it can read obd also, it didn't in this instance.


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