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newbie saying hello


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Hi my name is steve and tomorrow I am going to be picking up my new fiesta st line in deep impact blue as you can see from my profile pic I have had the st diffuser and twin pipe fitted by the dealer prior to delivery , thanks to Nathan54771 for the idea will let you know what I think of the car after a few days.

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Had the car a day now very pleased with it, looks even better than I thought it would really pleased with the back end , got a few extras with it sat nav, cruise control privacy glass convenience pack and of course the st rear diffuser and twin chrome pipes out the back, had the zetec before in white a 64 plate this is so much better, here are a few pics.






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Welcome Steve :) getting the rear diffuser fitted before pick up is a great idea. Was it a cost on top and would a dealership likely do it even if one has had the car for a few years? I'm only asking because I like that look and I was considering it for mine :)

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Hi Emma yes it cost me £250 plus  £20 for the exhaust trim that's supply parts two bits to the diffuser, painting the lower pat of diffuser and fitting to the car they cut off the curved tail pipe and welded the new tail pipe on , really pleased with it , I don't know if I got a good price because I was buying a new car or if that would be the price at most food dealerships.

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