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Hi advice needed


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Hi everybody..Iam new here and need some advice.Recently bought fiesta mk6 zetec 2004.Abs light wont light up during start.When i run test seqence in hidden mode Abs and traction light is on.Checked fuse panel and noticed ABS fuses 5,6,37 were missing.I replaced 5,6 but unable to slot fuse 37 due missing aluminium conector that hold fuse in the place.Car doesen have air recirculation button as well.Its blanked out.Cant even find ABS module under hood.Obd2 wont show any faults.All clear.Thx for any help

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3 hours ago, Adam222 said:

Abs light wont light up during start.

Either this car never had ABS, or it has been tampered with.

ABS was standard on this model, I believe, but is it possible that it could be bought new without it?

Try following the brake pipe from the brake master cylinder, it should reach the abs unit before branching off to any wheels.

Also it may be possible to query Ford Etis, entering your VIN to check the original spec. ( https://www.etis.ford.com/ )

Is it still under warranty from the dealer? If it has been tampered with by removal of the ABS function, and you were not informed prior to sale, that is a serious breach of trading rules.

It is very unlikely that both the LED on the dash is faulty, and the ABS is faulty, unless deliberate. The LED self test during start must be entirely independent of any faults inside the ABS unit.

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Tdci-Peter thx for reply.It looks like my ford doesent have such a basic thing as ABS as per Etsi report.Quite dissapointed as i wud expect all modern cars to have one by law.Report attached


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20 hours ago, Adam222 said:

t looks like my ford doesent have such a basic thing as ABS as per Etsi report.Quite dissapointed as i wud expect all modern cars to have one

From Wikipedia:

"ABS are required on all new passenger cars sold in the EU since 2004 "

You are two years too early!

ABS has downsides, like extended braking distance on loose gravel, or when pulling over on a narrow road with two wheels in the mud. Plus more to go wrong. There is a narrow range of circumstances when it could be a life saver, but go a bit faster and ABS won't stop you, and go a bit slower and a competent driver could stop without it. There is an argument that the range of safety features on cars is used by some to drive more aggressively, just bringing the perceived risk factor back up to the same level.

I drove non-ABS cars for almost 30 years, and am still alive. Though I did have to learn how to control a skid on one  occasion long ago. I had about half a second to recall the rule: Release the brake, and implement it. It worked!

The vital thing is to know the limits of the car (not just ABS, all of it), and drive within them.

Or sell, if you are unhappy. If it was a dealer sale, you could check the pre-sale details to see if it clearly claimed to have ABS. If so, you should be able to get a refund / exchange. If it said nothing specific, then as it was optional, the dealer may not be very willing to help.




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