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Philf1's Nitrous Blue Focus RS


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Hope to see it on my travels between Leeds & Halifax, if you see a knackered silver Peugeot Boxer van flashing that'll be me lol.

I saw a Fiesta ST Mountune last week passing through Hipperholme (right behind a Stealth Focus ST)
I thought it might have been you but the guy was alot younger lol.

Seen 3 Nitrous RS's so far, twice near Castleford so that might be the same one, saw a White RS tonight on Dewsbury Road in Leeds.


Have fun with it, I'm so jealous.


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Well it has taken what seems to be an age but the RS has finally arrived. And god it's awesome. 
Here's the back story of order to delivery which I decided to keep pretty much to myself as I knew the wait would be hard enough without sharing the pain with you guys.
February 2016 - Never thinking I could ever afford an RS and that the Fiesta ST MP215 would be the pinnacle of my Ford ownership I saw an advert on a Ford dealer website offering repayments of almost exactly what I was paying for the ST. But wait what about the insurance I here you ask? OK that's what I was asking anyway. So I did a quote and found that the premium was actually a few pounds less than for the ST. Oh god that makes it feasible. So off I trotted to my local Stoneacre dealer to see my friendly salesman Steve. 
We sat down and placed the order. RS mk3 in Nitrous blue, standard seats with blue bolsters, lux pack, 19" forged alloy wheels, sync2 nav system and door edge protectors. Fantastic everything I want and expected build date to be October 2016. £1000 deposit paid. Only problem is that RS orders can only be placed at Ford Stores and my local isn't one. So the order is placed via the Doncaster branch, he can't see anything on his system so will have to ring Doncaster for everything.
Two days later Steve rang me. "Good news and bad news" he says. "Good news is we have a cancellation with a build date of May 2016, bad news no door edge protectors" let me think...I'll have it!!!!
March 2016 - Then the horror stories start to come out of the forums and Ford themselves. Oil leaks on the production line no cars being released and many a potential owner getting ***** off. 
Then I get the dreaded call. "Your build date is being put back to June but you can have the door edge protectors" Well that's OK one month extra but everything I wanted, I can live with that.
April 2016 - bad news continues. Build date back to July.
June 2016 - Build date back to October. News on the RS forum that the winter pack, (heated seats and steering wheel) not previously available in UK but was in Spain, I don't understand either, is now available in UK. Get me that I tell Steve but only if it doesn't delay the order any further. He gets it on the build schedule, happy days.
I also find out that one of the reasons for the delay is that Ford have run out of Nitrous Blue paint. Seriously? Sack the guy responsible for that.
August 2016 - Ford Fair is quite painful as all I can see are RS's at ever turn.
October 2016 - Sent an email to the RS team at Ford UK. Can you confirm my build date please? Reply states it might be December but two week shut down over Christmas means it might be the New Year. Enough is enough now. I'm very unhappy and seriously considering cancelling my order. So I march off to the dealers. Steve checks and is told that they have a build date of 10th November. Another email to Ford UK later that day to be told, "actually yes build date is 10 November and here's your VIN number. Whooop.
Straight onto ETIS and there it is and they started building on the 8th two days early.
November 2016 - Over the next few weeks I watch the car being built including an upgrade to Sync 3. Then I remember we've never actually sat down and worked out the finance in detail. Better get that done then. 
Off to see Steve, he's nowhere to be seen. Off sick I'm told he's had an operation and not due back till the New Year. *****.
Anyway Paul says don't worry we'll sort it. What did Steve arrange for you. So I told him. "Seriously? That's a cracking deal." says Paul. I'll see what I can do.
December 2016 - 5th - Paul rings. Car has landed at the dealers. If we can sort the finance you can pick it up on the 10th. God I'm nearly wetting myself now. Problem is they can't find any of Steve's paperwork, great. We discuss the finance and of course the screw tightens, your ST is now 9 months older and has 10k more miles on it so its only worth......f*** all. Jeez what now? A bit of hard talking and I get another £2k out of him. That's better. But I still need to find a bit more cash and the payments are £50 more per month than the ST. Just before Xmas, not good timing. So I juggle some finances around cancel the wife's Xmas presents, joking, and no problem I'll come in tomorrow to sign the papers. 
6th- Where's Paul? His day off! Ahmed will sort it, he's the sales manager. We sit down and he gets the finance details up on screen. Your payments ill be £330 a month! No they f***ing won't be, says I. He's only quoted me on the current increased list prices not the cost when I ordered back in February. So panic over. Finance signed, Collection agreed for 11am 10th December.
Saturday 10th December- The BIG day - Drove the ST, on fumes, to Doncaster, it needs 4 new tyres, current ones are like slicks, and the 3rd year service which I never got done and saved myself over £500 in total, so if you buy it make sure these have been sorted. I'll miss that car it has brought me 3 years of driving pleasure and many great memories.
I arrive at the dealers to see the car in the showroom covered with a Ford car cover but the profile is unmistakable. I sign what seems to be every page of the bible hand over the ST keys and V5.
OK sir if you'd like to take the cover off your new car? ***** hell not half I'd like to;
Right that's all theIMG_1922.JPG buttons explained, phone paired let's get this show on the road.
Hope I like it?
Like it, it's chuffing amazing. What a car, like brown stuff off a shovel, more comfortable than the ST and sport mode transforms it into something else. 
I'm never going to tire of this. 
Here's a couple of photo's on the way home.
And it's first wash
That's all for now guys. I'll try update this thread over the coming weeks and months but it's hard when you never get out of the driving seat.

Absolutely awesome! Cant wait to see it in flesh. Really happy for you. Well worth the wait.

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Unless I win the lottery, this video is as close as I will get to picking up a new RS.

I've watched this guys videos for a while now, he's put up several videos of his RS including on the Nurburgring and in Scotland.
Someone in Birmingham actually cloned his licence plate a couple of months ago.

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Yeh I've got him on my YouTube favorites too, when the car was coming out I was watching loads of videos lol.

One of his latest RS videos was about his only gripe about it, the turning circle,
I've seen that mentioned alot, along with the hard suspension, but that's to be expected with this car.

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Turning circle is appalling as for the ride in normal mode I think it's pretty good a lot more comfortable than my ST was. Sport mode is firm but that's what you want.

I don't really get folks who complain about the ride this isn't a car that you buy for comfort if that's what you want buy a cruiser

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Yes one rubbish boot light but I'll replace it with a LED strip

Sync 3 seems pretty good to me does everything I want it to and has the option of apple CarPlay but I'm not sure about that yet

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Had a nice drive up to ilkley yesterday to buy a pressy for the mrs from Betty's came back on the back roads for a bit of a hoon

Looking forward to some better weather when the roads are dry to really stretch it

I've covered nearly 800 miles in the two weeks since I bought it and that includes 3 days it never moved cause I was on works do's

Getting used to filling up a lot the fuel tank is pity fully small

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Very very very very jealous! :(

You picked the nicest colour. I bet the wait was heart pain all the way. But worth it when you got it naked in the showroom. 

I can only imagine what it would be like to own one. All the best with it mate please keep posting any little mods you do to it.

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Gorgeous car Phil. If you get chance you you post a pic of the underside of the bonnet please? Some of us are looking at the RS airbox as its available as an upgrade for ST and 1.6 Zetec S owners at Pumaspeed. Its been mentioned though that the soundproofing might be different on the RS to accommodate the open top honeycomb section. A photo would be most helpful!:smile:

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