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What is this black box for.


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My neighbour has a 2012 1.6 petrol Focus Titanium. He discovered a small black box just forward of the spare wheel, attached to the floor pan between the wheel and rear seats.

The box has two wires running from it to who knows where, one black one yellow.

Any Ideas?

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its a remote box for the  keyless start its like a aerial for it or for locking I think:smile:

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luggage compartment antenna for keyless vehicle system my guess also.

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It's supposed to stop you locking your keys in the boot by accident.

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22 hours ago, Tommo17 said:

I was wondering this also. Came across it looking for the boot leak

What boot leak? If you have a seemingly untraceable leak which results in water in your spare well then @WES180 has some excellent posts about the likely cause and easy fix - the whole reason I joined FOC!

I think the thread (which should really be stickied) is called 'apparent boot leak Mk3 focus'.



Lol I should have scrolled down just that little bit more, then I would have seen the aforementioned thread and noticed you replied last!!

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Yea I’ve read it mate. Pulled the plugs before loads of water came out. Can feel a sponge in there also. Going to get the bumper off this weekend and fix the seals. 

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