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1.6 econetic diesel hiccups?


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Hi guys... help needed.

When I'm driving along, if I very gently press accelator the engine hiccups.  If I floor it it's fine.? 

Car is serviced and upto date with maintenance 

Thanks Ted 

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That's such a vague description it's very hard to diagnose. Have you also got a rough idle? No codes on ECU?

I'd guess at a clogged MAF sensor for hesitation, but could be a clogged or leaking injector etc. If you've no codes and it's not the MAF then I'd take it to a garage to be looked at. Don't take it there to be scanned with an OBD2, they can charge £40 for just plugging it in and pressing scan. You can pick up one yourself off amazon for under £20 easily.

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I have a tunnelrat code reader. for a ford get the modified one with the switch on. 



It is good with the free forscan software.

Everyone should have a codereader. You only need to use it once to have saved money - instead of paying someone else to read the fault code

Most cars will run without the MAF connected by computing a reading from other sensors (engine speed, throttle position etc). Sometimes this is good for troubleshooting. So if you disconnect the MAF and the car runs better, it would suggest the MAF is causing the problem.

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Hi Luke,

yes sorry it was a little vauge, i have a code reader and the car is clear, no codes at all.

OK, the car is very slow bottom end acceleration with lots of turbo lag.  The hiccup kicks in when you are up to speed. It happens  when you are driving along happily but only after you reapply the accelerator after free wheeling. If you plant to ther floor it doesnt do it at all.  The car runs perfect.

I have had ther car to a diesel specialst who tested everything?  bench tested in jectors , new fuel filter ect, stripped in cleaned EGR Valve. He has a fiesta works van with the same engine, so swapped various parts over to do eliminate things. uUfortunatley for me he admitted defeat took 300 pound from me for labour and gave me car back.

I was hoping someone might have had the same problems that solved it.

Many thanks Ted


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Thankyou  Isetta,

Thats a good idea, i will try what you said regarding the MAF sensor.

Its just a frustrating problem as i love the car, apart from the issues. I only use her monday to friday as my works car.

I have some snow tyres to fit and with the heated front screen, im looking forward to the winter with confidence.

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