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    Fan belt noise

    I had a 1.6 tdci which made a strange noise after I replaced the timing belt. I took the top section timing belt cover off and could see that at certain rpm the belt was vibrating a lot on it’s downward run from top to bottom. I slackened off the tensioner a tad and it was fine after that. You could try removing that upper cover and see what’s going on.
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    Mk2 Gear Knob and Gaitor

    I got one of These when my gaitor broke and it fitted perfect the quality maybe not as good as original but does the job.
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    You'll get old one day, make the most of being 20! Oh and when I was 20 I'd have just taken the exhaust off and run 'open pipes'
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    2009 MK2 1.6 ZETEC (100) Clutch Kit

    I would say about 8mm too as I used a very fat Allen key lol
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    New Member Mondeo

    Hi all just joint have recently bought a 2016 Mondeo hatch bought the manual over the auto hopefully won't be kicking myself later. Love the quietness & smooth ride of the Mondeo plenty of boot room too + heaps of gadgets & gizmos to play with ;-). Take care happy motoring
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    Kyle Martin

    New Member

    Hello 2 all. Just a wee intro in2 my car's owned. I passed my test in 2005 and as my father is a ford enthusiast bought a moondust silver Ford fiesta 1.2 flame fantastic first car. Then moved onto a 2007 2.0 ford Mondeo Ghia X in black. I drove it for 5 years and upgraded to a 2012 2.0 Ford Mondeo Titanium 170 which I had for 2 years until I seen my beauty that I drive now. It's a 2015 2.0 Ford Mondeo Titanium with X pack 190 in white. I absolutely love it.
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    Fiesta Mk7 Electric Woes

    Yes, that'll be the BCM.
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    2009 MK2 1.6 ZETEC (100) Clutch Kit

    To be honest where I can, I align clutches by eye. I’ve got one of the cheap plastic tools from the likes of Halfords for everything else. As long as you make sure the friction plate is bang on centre with the pressure plate as you tighten up the plastic cone until it’s solid they do work well enough. I've got one of those metal kits but in all honesty I don’t think I’ve ever used it. Other than that, don’t operate/push the bearing in on the concentric slave cylinder, I’ve seen the seals get damaged by people pressing the spring loaded part in before there’s fluid in it. Obviously it’ll pressed in as the box goes on.
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    Eric Bloodaxe


    Hi Lisa, as Gary says, the keyless start is standard from Titanium up. Ford list "Keyfree system" as an option on the ST-Line X for £350 or so, which adds keyless entry. Ford seem to be messing about with specs at the moment and you can even find contradictory statements in the same publication (for example the April price list/ordering guide said the ST-2 comes with EATC and further down the same page that it has manual air conditioning!) Also several members have reported that the descriptions on ETIS are not accurate for their cars. So basically I'd say wait until you actually receive your car and see what you get. You may well get a "freebie" - I've had them in the past - but more importantly do check carefully to make sure your car comes with all the bits you've ordered and paid for. Do let us know how you go on.😀
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    Changing Wing Mirror Bulbs?

    And this months award for the longest gap between posts goes to..........[emoji1787] Btw, they are 501. [emoji6] Sent from my SM-G965F (S9+)
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    Fiesta Mk7 Electric Woes

    Apparently the issue was due to the passenger footwell, part of the covering had come loose possibly due to one of my passengers kicking it or knocking it with their feet, resulted in something it pushes into having bent pins The garage have sorted the pins out and everything is working now, not sure if the module would have been the BCM, but considering I had no idea what I was doing, £80 was a relatively small price to pay. Hope anyone else googling this might be saved some cash in future if you experience the same thing 😊
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    2011 mk3 Instrument Cluster fault?

    Hey. So just heard back from local garage. Turns out it was the ABS sensor. But the battery isn’t 100% healthy either. Thanks to those who took the time to read my post.
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    Mk2 Gear Knob and Gaitor

    This is the one you need and is oem as well- https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.de%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F173698411537 Sent from my SM-G965F (S9+)
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    Just joined - hoping I fit in here

    Hi all, as you can tell I've just joined the forum. I've been driving just over a year now in a 2009 Fiesta Style+ I've been looking to join a club recently in hopes of going on some drives and meeting new people. I'm looking at getting a Fiesta ST-3 (2014/15) relatively soon, I've found a couple online that look good, but if anyone knows of any going for less than £10,000 (no too bothered on the mileage, as long as the car works) feel free to let me know. Thanks for reading, I look forward to getting to know some of you!
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    Mk2 Gear Knob and Gaitor

    I'll get a pic when I can.
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    Fiesta mk7 St-3 (St180)

    Update : cars booked in at scc performance for Friday, should be picking it up lunchtime and will apply the map after work... Incase anything goes wrong I've got all weekend to sort it.
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    Heater cools engine temp

    An "Active Shutter Grille" - People use to stick cardboard in front of their radiators in winter and I can remember radiator blinds that worked on a piece of string ! Cheap, and the string was reliable and repairable - not so sure about an "Active Shutter Grille" - probably needs a dealer visit to scan for a fault code, and then replace an expensive component.
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    That is glove box retainer. Slows lid movement when box is opened. Round part goes to glovebox and stick part goes into "slit" that has small gear in it.
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    Dal's MK8 Fiesta ST-Line

    the red pin strip looks good mate
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    focus magnetic gray mk3.5 st line

    quick update again. got my self a colour coded shark fin from paintmodz and changed my induction pipes. Went over to the isle of white for the takeover and wow what a show enjoyed it that much I will be going back next year. toke a few good pictures of my car while I was there.
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    guy woodbridge

    Heater cools engine temp

    I remember the old school trick if your car was over heating in the summer. wack the heaters on full to release all that heat!
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    Isn't there any other exhaust systems you've seen? Just asking as cobra exhausts are pricy.
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    Fiesta mk5 1.4 tdci getting hot

    i do recall a thread on here a couple of years ago where someone fitted a new (cheap) water pump, pretty soon had overheating problems, turned out the impeller had broken off the water pump shaft. Trouble is it's not easy to check that. Even spinning the pulley to try to judge that needs the timing belt taking off the pulley