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    Jim H

    Coronavirus-A Light Hearted Thread

    I was just about to post that Corona Virus letter, but 'Turvey' beat me to it. Here's a clear explanation. Anyone remember him from a TV show?
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    Rear drum/shoes replacement?

    Don't just tighten up the cable without inspecting/adjusting the shoes inside the drum.
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    Brake judder

    I just replaced a set of discs and pads today for a customer. Complaint was brake squeal and a brake judder. Discs and pads were only fitted months ago by a big well known garage. Upon stripping the brakes down it was clear to me the cause of failure, the cheap crap unbranded parts for one but mainly the huge amount of rust build up on the hub face! very disappointing.
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    Things I do like

    I do like the idea of a free battery recycling box...but has anyone actually seen one in Tesco? I've got to go shopping tomorrow so was hoping to grab one on the way out but can't find any more info on it! Just keeping seeing this ad on Instagram. I've got about 30 AAs plus a few others so it would be much easier to get a box than try and carry them all into the store individually lol.
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    Coronavirus-A Light Hearted Thread

    Good moaning Sent from my SM-G965F using Tapatalk
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    I’ve got them in hand, powered them briefly outside of the headlamp and the cutoff is indeed bang on. Was really impressed. Couldn’t see any light spillage on the wall at all. Just need to find the time to remove my old LEDS and pop these in lol! At the moment, I’m really struggling to find the time to do anything car related. With the local lockdown in greater Manchester getting worse each day and the lack of child care for my daughter and with my partner being a key worker. We’re all struggling for time and what not. I’m an IT infrastructure engineer and with the increased demand in infra and anything networking related due to COVID, I’m ran off my feet and constantly shattered. And the fact half my colleagues are furloughed or now jobless... it’s mental. Just got a lot on at the moment like everyone else probably has, sorry for gibbering on! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Brake judder

    I’d want to see the prep work done in the process of fitting the new discs and pads. Also, what brand of parts are being fitted? Runout in the hub caused by rust build up/surface not being cleaned properly is a popular problem.
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    Brakes Cost?

    What annoys me is you can buy one brand of pads for 100 different vehicles, some come with a pad fitting kit some don't! It's so irritating especially for giving quotes out. Some customers are lucky to receive a discount when it comes to fitting lol.
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    Hi guys just saying hello

    i am about to buy a 2013 diesel 2.0ltr titanium x ,in arctic white with privacy glass the only thing i could find wrong was the heated seats both sides didnt work ,the switch didnt light up when the button was pushed for both sides does titanium x come with heated seats as standard or was it an option ? also i seem to remember there was somewhere on the internet you could go to get a list of all optional extras that were supplied with your car when new ,any ideas on this would greatly help thanks
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    Focus Mk3 upgrade

    Defo a nightmare. TPMS is a good idea when it works but a pain when it doesn't.
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    Mk5 Issues...

    Visually check the rear tyres for "stepping", quite a common problem - also run the flat palm of your hand across the tyres tread - if one way it feels smooth and the other way is rough/bumpy you have stepping which will cause tyre noise
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    Apple Car Play Freeze

    Hi Ben, yes, the radio power button. That plus skip forward reboots Sync. Power button plus skip back gets you into Sync diagnostic menu.
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    Fiesta B&O no audio - stuck on 0

    So the car was finally fixed by Ford and then the new owner picked it up a day or so later, was very lucky to have a buyer who wasn't put off by this! Just thought id post this incase anyone else has this issue in the future as it does look like it could maybe effect a few fiestas with the B&O speakers, was just what I could see with the broken wire under the drivers seat. Overall cost to fix was £170 including labour (annoying as like I say I could have probably fixed this myself!) Moral of the story, make sure you get a new warranty once yours expires, as mentioned the only reason I didn't have one is that it expired only 3 weeks earlier and the car was up for sale before this. For those with B&O speakers, id check under your drivers seat and make sure the thick black wire containing all the 'smaller' wires is nice and tidy and isn't going to be constantly moving etc when you move the drivers seat back and forth. Over the years this has what caused mine to break, definitely either a design fault on Fords sign or my specific Fiesta just had a bad day at the office when it was built!
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    Easily get remap with 200hp and 470nm torque out of your engine with no other modifications.
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    2019 Focus St Line Oil Change Due warning

    I would check with dealer, could be they did not reset the oil monitoring system
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    ford.catalogs-parts.com change the language to English 😁😁 Unfortunately the latest fiesta available on that catalog is the 2016 mk7 fiesta 🙂
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    I wouldn't worry about "gibbering on" mate, I suspect that if all goes well with the bulbs there will be a fair few of us ordering the bulbs. In terms of the Covid situation and some of your work colleagues, I'd be surprised if they don't find work in that field fairly quickly, especially in the current circumstances in terms of mass home working etc putting additional strain on the back end infrastructure of all UK ISP's currently. Just remember that YOUR health and family work life balance is important, not just the next "deadline" from work. Speaking from personal experience as a software tester for a certain UK based Spanish owned bank, some things are more important than work. Obviously your household bills have to be paid but as I found out, there ARE some genuinely decent employers out there but they take a bit of finding! (the good employer being my "new" employer)
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    My MK2 1.8 TDCi (2005) is still on it's original exhaust, although the back box did shed it's exterior skin about 6 years ago! 😂
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    Mk8 Seatbelt indication screen disabling?

    In some countries, it qualifies as a technical safety which will lower your registration tax for the vehicle. Quite a silly function though.
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    Sat nav installation

    A big Thanks Bannko that's all mine needed was the fresh 3.10 install I now have satnav Thank you again
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    Rear drum/shoes replacement?

    Hi Doubt very much if they need replacing I would try adjusting the cable first
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    The metal temperature sensor is attatched to the cylinder head as an extra warning for overheating, obviously it was fitted since February 2015 on the fiesta as shown in the pictures This is a parts online catalogue
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    I haven't carried a passenger in the last 2 years. There should be a 'weird, single, loner' option to disable all except the drivers belt warning!
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    Focus Mk3 upgrade

    Took the car back to the same tyre place and they replaced the valve again and found my front tyre had a nail in it and now they are all staying up thank god for that. £43 quid down but worth not getting the pump out every day.
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    Brakes Cost?

    Maybe for the driver that has their brakes changed then immediately hammers the car round the back roads and then parks in an icy flood on the nearside...one warped disc replacement needed an hour later! Hopefully that's a fairly rare scenario! I'm sure I've read about places like ECP having only sent one disc in the past lol. Now the website won't let you buy one though, so you can't really get it wrong. I'm not sure about other online sites. Don't understand why they don't sell them as a 'set' the same as the pads and fitting kits though!
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    Sync3 upgrade using PNP cable

    Quick update, return has been approved and will be getting full amount back. Just need to pack it all up and go down to post office. This leaves me with 2 options, either sell the sync3 and put my old one back in Or find a kind person on here who can help me out with modifying the original cables 😉
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    Low fuel pressure codes are usually caused by a clogged filter or an engine cut-out on these, the sensors themselves aren't that common. Which is lucky as they're a right pain to reach as Ben said! Tucked well down the back of the engine...
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    I don't think there is any way to adjust the time without an original headunit. Reconnecting the battery at midnight isn't a bad idea though...shame it's 24hr otherwise you could have done it at midday instead! When I got the ST I changed the previous owners 'tasteful' dash and single DIN unit for original items...gave me the radio name and the clock back on the dash! I take it you don't have the original HU that you could refit just to set the time?
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    FRP on my car atleast (2009 1.4 tdci) is in a ridiculous location, luckily I didn't need to change the sensor (apparently you're not supposed to split the sensor from the rail but they sell the sensor seperately) just the wiring but even that was a nightmare, my loom was injectors, glow plugs & frp. Glow plugs & injectors was easy as the car was already in bits but FRP still haunts my dreams now. I had to remove the battery & headlight just to unclip the plug and even with them out of the way it took ages with a mirror & long skinny screwdriver. I'd be tempted to check the loom connection as that's what was wrong with mine.
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    Things I Don't Like

    I don't like this song - Because every time it starts on the radio I expect it to be Crazytown - Butterfly However, I've just found out, that was also a sample! Was taken from a Chilli's track!
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    Forscan should pick up more codes than a generic reader. The Mk6's don't always like Forscan though, some of them will read once and then not read properly a second time (just says something like 'couldn't complete systems readiness'). I haven't found any way around that other than driving them and trying again later. I confess, I've never heard of the BBFly, I wonder if they're as good as the Tunnelrats? (Mines not a Tunnelrat either in fairness lol). Is it the laptop version of the phone app that you use? You have no idea how long those faults have been on the system, they aren't necessarily all triggered at the same time. All you can do is keep an eye on it and see if any come back now.
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    Did you get your injectors sorted, just seen your last thread. Have you forscanned it to see if any codes have come back? You should see my last thread, I was close to burning my car all the faults it had and ended up fixing it for £10 😂
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    Sat nav installation

    @Chas.c are you still running the 3.08 SW version? In case that yes, just do a fresh update to a 3.10 and don't forget to master reset the unit after that. For UK region download lang pack no.5 and update the unit.
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    N600 ST

    Got the trim painted and clear coated, turned out pretty good to be honest, pictures look rubbish of it however lol. Switch arrived today instead of yesterday, not to worry though. I'll hopefully get them fitted after work tomorrow (Thursday). Get the laptop in with me and get them coded in. With a huge amount of thanks to @BJT with a very thorough walk through. Anyway, more pictures, yano because, pics or it didn't happen, right? 😅
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    ST Spoiler third break light 2009

    Yep, the ST, c-max and s-max lens is exactly the same. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/254204605716 This one could be handy as it has a bit of loom & plug with it so makes it easier to retrofit to a non ST car. Sent from my SM-G965F using Tapatalk
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    Things I do like

    In all seriousness, if in the future you are setup, I would be interested. I'm not in any rush and to be quite honest I'm in the process of buying a flat so biggest expense of my life is ensuing 🤑. On the other hand, I've not had a break for ages so even a 530 mile drive up to Scotland would be a way to kill two birds with one stone ☺️.
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    Things I Don't Like

    Started a new toothpaste this morning and thought it tasted a little different...had to double take when I looked at the flavour!
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    Things I Don't Like

    It's always annoying when other drivers don't give way to the left on roundabouts! I'm guessing it was a side swipe on a multi-lane roundabout @dtulip8 ? If so, people round here just couldn't give a ***** about lane discipline on roundabouts anymore. I've had to come to a complete stop a few times in the last couple of weeks because people start to steer and then just cannot be arsed any longer and drift into my lane! Makes me look the fool to following cars though!
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    Things I Don't Like

    Shoutout to the person that hit me on a roundabout yesterday! Good way to ruin a day 🙄 Thankfully no one was hurt, metal and plastic can be repaired at the end of the day.
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    Things I Don't Like

    Some say I focus on the insignificant problems to distract from my life slipping down the pan...who knows...
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    Malcolm Thomas

    Stop start not working

    Been told I am not running the car enough,it does 20 miles 5 times a week and running about as well
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    Auto hold problems

    if you dont use the tech, why dont you have a Dacia instead?
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    Leaking roof?

    Sure it's not the windscreen at top left corner? But if you think it is leaking through roof rails, it's not that bad to remove rail and seal up. Just time consuming as the headlining needs to be dropped to access the retaining nuts. There foam seals but I would just apply a silicone sealant to the area around the holes and refit.
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    Front Parking Sensors on ST

    I went to nearly 20 places that specialise in ford and verious other accident repair shops. All of them said this was impossible and there is not room on the bumper. One also claimed that the bumper would split if holes were drilled. I then took it to a specialist repair shop who also does damage repair ford west mids police (theyre called RS Motors). They quickly told me that this was no problem and that they do this all the time. It took them around 1 hour and theyve done a excellent job and also covereed it under warrenty. Finally my automatic parking system works with my st bumper.
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    1.8tdci codes U2023 and P2263

    The Turbo actuator is a self contained electronic (Hella) motor driven unit. So no vacuum. It gets some sort of pulse width modulated signal from the ECU. On the Mondeo, these units were very prone to failure, I suspect it was a bad batch. I have not heard of much problem with them on the Focus. I started to investigate mine, but found a broken hose to the MAP sensor, and that seems to have been the cause. I could try to see where the arm is at rest, tomorrow if needed. I tried to photo it once, but as you say it is not easy to get at. The EGR actuators on these are very prone to faults. I replaced mine with a Chinese one (Ford have never supplied just the actuator), and it has worked well so far. Bad EGR will cause power dips at low speed, but not as bad as your symptoms, I think, and will usually give EGR DTCs.
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    Edge of Reason

    Climair Wind deflectors

    So he did. Well spotted. I’m off to spec savers.
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    Marks adventure.

    Climair Wind deflectors

    No - he fitted them to his KUGA!!
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    There seem to be different connections on the back of the Sony stereos - some have 2 fakra (like mine) and some have 1 fakra and 1 of the standard aerial connector. So.. I found one with the same connections and switching the actual unit was easy. Regarding the aerial, the Mondeo doesn't have an external aerial so the Focus guide isn't applicable. What you need to do is locate the aerial amplifier which in the Mondeo Hatchback should be located at the top inside of the boot trim. You can then simply swap the FM/AM amp (7CP1-18C847-EA) for an FM/AM/DAB amp (7CP1-18C847-HA) which you can buy for about £35. So.. providing you can find the red box... it is a very simple job! I must say I didn't realise how small the box was so I intend taking the boot apart again in the hope I just didn't see if due to its small size! Good luck :)
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    Software (Ecu) Updates And Do I Need It?

    Until this Year my car had still the software which was loaded at the factory (2004 software). I did not had any problems but decided to upgrade the software to a newer version. With the ELMconfig software and a (modified) ELM327 interface I have the ability to update the PCM software myself. For my type of enginge (Focus MK2 1.6 Duratec 100 BHP) there were over 20 different firmware versions available (all 1.6 firmware of Focus MK2/MK2.5 is interchangeable). I loaded the latest available firmware and noticed a few things: * The engine runs a lot smoother * When idling the engine is a bit quiter and more stable. * Fuel economy is a bit better. Strictly it is not needed to update the software when there are no problems. In most cases the car will run fine with the old software. Nevertheless in my opinion a firmware upgrade can bring some improvements which will affect the driveability in a positive way.