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    Cheap remap and mot fail emissions

    How much did you pay for the map? Deleting the DPF is a physical process so would've cost a lot more to have that done than just a simple remap! If they've actually deleted it, as in removed it physically, you'll need to fit a new one at a cost of hundreds of pounds as well as having a better remap put on. If they've just deleted it from the map, without physically removing it, they're complete and utter bellends that have no idea how a DPF works and really shouldn't be mapping cars! If that's the case, the DPF will probably be blocked beyond regeneration by now and need to removed for professional cleaning or even replaced.
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    Mk7 rear wiper grommet

    I was speaking to a mate recently who also has an ST (although I doubt this is an ST-specific issue), and he advised me to check the rubber grommet where the rear wiper spindle comes through the boot. Sure enough, mine had split too. I'd suggest anyone with a Mk7 Fiesta that's more than 3 years old (mine's a 2016) checks theirs too, as water going in that hole will get inside the boot and into the boot electrics. Replacing the grommet is simple enough, but does require stripping down quite a lot of the boot. The part you need is 1701120, available on eBay (through Rates Ford) for £4.99: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Genuine-Ford-Rear-Wiper-Spindle-Grommet-1701120/272377981252 You'll also need 8mm, 10mm and 13mm sockets, and a T20 torx driver (the 8mm can be a spanner if your socket set doesnt go that small). Lift up the cap on the wiper and remove the 13mm nut and washer that holds it on the spindle Pull the wiper arm off Open the boot, remove the parcel shelf and undo the three T20 torx screws on the trim next to the window and inside the interior handle recess Pull off the side trims next to the window, being careful not to break the clip holding each on Pull off the rest of the trim, again being careful not to break the clips (of which there are many) Unplug the wiper motor electrical connector, undo the three 8mm bolts and washers holding it on and remove Undo the right-most wiper motor bracket bolt (I forget if this is an 8mm or a 10mm, but this is so you can access one of the nuts for the next step) Undo the five 10mm nuts holding on the exterior panel that houses the number plate lights and boot release button Carefully unclip the exterior panel and let it hang on it's electrics (unfortunately this can't be unplugged from the loom) You can now remove the old grommet, give the area a quick clean and fit the new one (which comes pre-greased to accept the wiper motor spindle) Refitting everything is the reverse of the instructions above. Hopefully this will help someone with what seems to be quite a common issue
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    I don't think it would be worth breaking tbh, the parts of value are big engines, luxury interiors, sporty body kits and rare optional extras. And while it's really not my bag, it would be a shame to break a low mileage example. (I used to break cars btw) You may need to wait a while for the right buyer. How much have you been offered so far if you don't mind saying?
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    Mk3 Instrument Cluster Swap

    Just thought I would mention a quick mod to those with small monochrome display in instrument cluster. Just swapped in a larger tft cluster, plug and play apart from writing in my higher current mileage. Doing that next.
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    Ford Is MK2 Maintenance

    Hey everyone, I want to start a forum about the 2nd generation ford ka mk2 2008 to 2020 maintenance as I can't find much online. I will also be posting on YouTube under the channel power train88. Recently, changed the filters, what a hassle the ac air filter is, very difficult to locate and get, to the left of the clutch, only my skinny fingers and flexible wrists managed to get it out. Also had some wires in the way that I had to push up to get the case open. The engine filter requires 6 sockets to be removed but us much easier. Now my question is when changing the oil, the sum plug size is it 12mm hex key like the fiat 500. Thanks for any help and please write about your ka maintenance stories!
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    1.0 Ecoboost timing belt replacement

    Changing the wetbelts on a 1.0 ECOboost is a major job. It will take an experienced mechanic approximately 12 to 16 Hours to perform this job the 1st time. Changing the wetbelts basically consists of the following procedures: Crankshaft pulley removal/installation. Crankshaft pulley.pdf Front cover removal/installation. Engine front cover.pdf Timing belt replacement. Timing belt.pdf Changing the wetbelts requires loads of special tools. Apart from the locking tools (included in the timing tool kit from your link) you also need a 5:1 torque multiplier and mounting adapters to remove and install the (keyless) crankshaft pulley. Without this torque multiplier it is impossible to tighten the crankshaft bolt to the correct torque and angle. The torque multiplier is a very expensive tool. The original Ford torque multiplier will cost several thousands. As an alternative the pictures above show the aftermarket AST torque multiplier kit (also sold under different brand names). This torque multiplier uses the exact same gear ratio as the original Ford torque multplier. This kit will cost approximately £800,-. Laser tools also sells a torque multiplier and adapter kit for the 1.0 ECOboost. This torque multiplier however has a different gear ratio and comes with recalculated torque/angle values to tighten the crankshaft bolt. The laser torque multiplier and adapter kit for the 1,0 ECOboost will cost approximately £500,-. Very few DIY mechanics will perform this job themselves because of the complexity and the costs involved for the special tools.
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    Things I do like

    Thanks for the heads up @TimST2. I've ordered the part even before checking though my problem is I don't have the tools to fit it.
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    The Radiator and condenser have to be lowered by about 4" - Haynes Manual 5566 Ch4B para 18.
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    encode key control

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    Love the boxster. I hope to start working and save up for a cayman S in a few years. Look forward to the focus build. Any performance mods I'll find if interested as I have the same engine 👍
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    So the tape didn't hold. Unsurprisingly. I've now got a steam pipe fitting in there which is rated to 30,000 psi odd [emoji23] then jubilled in. It'll do till I get a proper pipe. Means I can drive around sensibly though and still use the car. Sent from my SM-A505FN using Tapatalk
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    Today I'm listening to......

    @TomsFocus The original I first heard in the movie "it's all gone Pete Thong" where a DJ goes deaf and glued some sandals to some subs to help him continue writing music using his feet to sense the beats 😂 all fiction not real but its filmed as though it is. Also like this remix recently sound great on the subs in the car
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    Today I'm listening to......

    Another new bit of euphoric house with a piano bassline... This is the sort of thing that makes me really miss car shows!!
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    Things I do like

    I had a more successful morning today doing some car maintenance after last weekend's irritation with the brakes... Today's exercise was to change the rear wiper grommet which is apparently well known for failing on Mk7 Fiestas. @Zico you should check yours. I thought it would be useful to write a guide on how to change it too: Although I've just realised I did it as a normal thread in the Ford Fiesta Club forum, not the Ford Fiesta Guides forum... Oh well, mods feel free to move if you want.
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    SW Kop

    Sat nav installation

    @Bannko Hi mate...bought Kuga 66 plate with sync2...going bald but almost down to the skin now pulling hair out haha. No satnav in my car...could you help with what i need and instructions on how to do it before i decide to either smash up the console or just drive the Kuga into the River Mersy... Thanks mate Shaun
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    Coronavirus-A Light Hearted Thread

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    Ford focus mk3 front bumber

    I dont see it being a problem. But to check go onto 7zap and check part numbers
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    MK4 - BLIS Install

    You will need to do more than just change the mirrors for ones with Blis indicator. if like the mk3/3.5 the rear sensors have the cam network cable in the loom and a separate supply for the power hanging with the plug for the sensor loom. You’d also need the blis modules and brackets. Not cheap over £400 each from ford and rare to find on eBay for a mk3/3.5 so in short you’d need 2 blis modules and brackets. A new parking sensor loom with blis and 2 wing mirrors with blis indication on then activate.
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    Reasonable price?

    Even Ford dealers don't charge that much...
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    Side Skirt Fittings

    Heres a video that might help and heres the clips. https://www.sinatec.com/en/clip-ford-oe-5270438-10pcs/a26842 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=umrsfwn5tSo
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    Sounds like your injectors, but i would get this looked at first.
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    Ford spend billions on tech to reduce emissions and these guys are cold idling thier cars in the driveway for half an hour instead of putting a jumper on!!
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    Coronavirus-A Light Hearted Thread

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    Thank you all for your suggestions! In the end I bit the bullet and bought an impact wrench. My wallet despises me at the moment but the crankshaft pulley bolt is out and I can make some more progress. I’m sure I’ll be back on the forum with more issues soon!
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    Coronavirus-A Light Hearted Thread

    The amount currently in my car 😂 just glad it doesn't absorb through the skin though...
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    But they have made over 5 million Ecoboosts - they will have a few failures.
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    @Eng_Ahmad1986 we are waiting for your news! It is unacceptable situation for this engine with 8 years in production, having problems like this! Broken piston! Does you friend car or yours has the system with cylinder disactivate and gpf filter?
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    Replacing Battery

    The battery is EFB. Then you need to reset BMS and your ready to go.
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    Frank Machin

    Sync 1.1 update AppLink

    Zico What were the typos? I can only see one slight difference in the(the one that will not work)download i got from Ford with my VIN yesterday and the one you have posted. Am i missing something blindingly obvious when comparing them?
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    Bonnet scoop

    Not anyone with sense, style, taste, more than one brain cell............. [emoji6] Sent from my SM-G965F using Tapatalk
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    European Driving

    OMG - Not this again............................................ h
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    Wrong sized space saver?

    Mine is also 18inches, it's there for a reason,to get you home,,,if the car was fitted with a transfer box that would be a different matter,it is what it is.
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    Dual Tone Horn

    Had drivers pull out in front of me when I had blue lights and sirens on, some drivers shouldn't be on the roads!
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    Had a Blue with Black Vinyl roof MKIII 2 Litre GXL Cortina. Was the only good ford I owned from that era. Had the usual rust problems and the handling was appalling by today's standards but it always started first turn of the key. Was also quite quick for it's day. Even with an almost dead battery and in freezing conditions, if you could just get the engine to turn once it would fire up. Was the envy of our neighbourhood back in the early 1980's when I owned it. On a cold or damp morning you would lay in bed listening to all the early risers going out to scrape their cars windscreen and trying to start their engines. You'd hear the whir of starter motors gradually getting slower and slower, then a slam of the door and a few choice words as they totally failed to start . Then you'd get a pause while they went back in to warm up with a cuppa and give the battery 10 mins to recover before trying again. I learnt a lot of swear words on those cold winter mornings. About an hour later I would smugly go out, jump in the drivers seat and press the accelerator to the floor to prime the twin-choke Weber Carb and fire it up first go 🙂 I remember one winter 1982 or 83 I think, it was extremely cold and we had a lot of snow. Temps were down to around minus 15 to minus 18 C. Fortunately just before the cold snap I'd had a new radiator fitted as the old one was leaking. Had full strength anti-freeze in. Think I was the only one on our estate that didn't have a burst radiator as they'd not got enough anti freeze for those temperatures. There were so many people with burst hoses and radiators that they couldn't get the parts or the mechanics to fix them, my uncle had to wait about 3 months to get his Austin Maxi fixed. I turned up at work after the coldest weekend on record in this area and I was the only one who made it in. Went home about an hour later as nobody was going to turn up. The trains were out of service (nothing new there) and the buses weren't running as their diesel was frozen to a wax. Had a leak that I could never find. Filled up the drivers footwell to about 6 inches deep. On cold mornings I had to chuck out a lump of footwell shaped Ice before I drove off. By the end of the week I had a pile of giant ice cubes next to my car. In the summer the same leak would cause mushrooms to grow in the footwell so had a pile of them in place of the Ice 🙂 Have fond memories of that car, was a bit of a bird puller as well. My boss wasn't happy, I had a better car than his company car 🙂
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    Deeply suspicious of Amazon, Google and the likes using data. What seems a bit odd about this is, if it's publicly available anyway, why was it necessary to sign a deal? I have seen suggestions that the deal allows Amazon to access "all healthcare information" held by the NHS including " symptoms, causes and definitions" but excluding info on specific patients. Amazon is allowed to use this information to "make, advertise and sell new products" but does not have to pay anything if it creates a moneyspinner eg, a new app or service using the data. So you can see what Amazon get out of it, but not clear what's in it for the NHS or the taxpayer. Seems odd to be giving them freebies when governments across the globe are now coming round to hitting them for taxes where they get their revenue, not where they are based for accounting purposes, e.g. Luxembourg. It seems there could also be a breach of EU rules on giving away public assets (in this case, data), so I suspect there is more to come out of the woodwork on this story.
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    A little gift , here are the PDF electrical wiring diagrams for the Ford Focus Focus Mk2/2.5 + ST PDF dated 2010 - Click Here Focus Mk3 PDF dated 2011 , not ST - Click Here Very usefull indeed if your trying to figure out additions to your car or find wiring Regards Preee Focus 2011 Wiring.pdf entire_schematics_ph8m5t-70000-ad.pdf
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    Mk3 Instrument Cluster Swap

    The original FoCCCus software has the 1000 miles limitation. To solve this I removed the 1000 Miles limitation and made a modified version of the FoCCCus software. My version can be downloaded from the following link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/43j09bhrl4ngwb5/FoCCCus 0.8.6 Modified Edition.rar?dl=0 Note that wit my modified version the mileage can only be changed upwards. The Ford IDS software can also only change the mileage upwards so a Ford dealer can not change it downwards.
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    Did you find FOC members helpful?

    You're just getting old
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    Did you find FOC members helpful?

    It used to be alot worse 😅 😯there going to track me down for posting that now aren't they😣
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    Did you find FOC members helpful?

    To be honest, I find one ro 2 go out of their way to try and help me but the rest are ruse, mean and arrogant as hell
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    Did you find FOC members helpful?

    I've no idea
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    Did you find FOC members helpful?

    Problem was, they had no provision to heat the front end of the car when pushing it backwards. It took a while, but they eventually developed a new spontaneous-combustion feature to alleviate that on Zafira and Corsa models. It also works great for defrosting a frozen windscreen, competing with Ford's "Quick Clear"...
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    Did you find FOC members helpful?

    Rumour has it that vauxhall were the first to introduce heated rear windows, so their drivers wouldn't suffer cold hands when pushing them when they invariably failed to start in the winter.
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    Number plate bolts

    The plastic bolts look far better than the metal screws. Nothing worse than a rusty screw showing through. Even worse is when I see new cars with the plates put on wonky by the dealers. Sloppy work makes my blood boil. Sent from my SM-G930F
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    Sweet now Halfords is only 85% more expensive than its competitors Look forward to receiving
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    Rear Discs 2010 Fiesta Mk7

    No offence but that's a load of shi!e or car compnays would still put drums on all 4 corners of their cars but they dont because discs have better cooling which reduces brake fade & brake wear and they also work better in the wet.
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    Rear Coat Hooks Etc.

    I bet not a lot of people know that - I certainly didn't ! Thanks, I've been getting the seat belt trapped nearly every time.