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    As an owner of a MK3 who’s just stuck his door seals back on for the 738262828th time, this made me chuckle with sadness 😂
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    Things I Don't Like

    I think he missed his delivery 😋
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    Things I Don't Like

    Don't like van drivers this happened this morning
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    Gosh I've missed you lot!!

    Well howdy! It's been a while and I can only apologise! No real reason other than life... Y'know! Hoping everyone is doing well and that 2019 has gotten off to a great start for you all! Pleasantries out of the way, back to modding!!! A mod Ive been meaning to do for ages is heated seats - @madmole has a tut up here for a generic retrofit which is awesome, but it looks like the kit I bought has different wiring than his. With that in mind, before I start, coupla questions. I need to tap into: Battery pos Battery neg (easy grounding points all over the car so not a problem) Ignition live and Nighttime lighting And I need to find all these in and around the centre console and seats as the provided harness ain't long enough to get to the footwell fusebox. Any ideas chaps and chappettes?
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    All done, nice and shiny! Removing the old button is a destructive process, so don't just experiment if yours is in good condition! Use a slim flat blade screwdriver, and place in between the black rubber lever, and the plastic button. You can then start to wiggle it out, where it will kindly break and self destruct. Just proceed to remove all the bits including maybe levering the bottom too. Putting the new bit in is a simple push fit, but be careful to orientate it so the longer bit is upper most. You need to jab it with the palm of your hand till you hear both top & bottom clips locate themselves. Now, £13 is extortionate for a tiny bit of plastic, but, there you go... Part No. F1447426
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    totally dead car

    I'm going on Dragons Den soon, with Lenny.
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    Things I Do Like

    I forgot I use to own a Fiesta ST too, probably because it was only for 30 mins! I was a salesman at a Ford dealership and on my last day working there I knew that we had a ridiculously cheap ST in stock which I was able to purchase at trade value. I bought it, drove it to another dealership 30 mins away that my brother worked at and sold it to them making a very quick £1500, result!!! It was a very nerve racking drive there though as I had to take finance out on it to buy it. The finance was paid off within a week so no interest was accumulated. That was the one and only time I actually made money on a car rather than losing it.
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    Things I Don't Like

    I must be getting old, never heard of Tik Tok!!!
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    Things I Do Like

    Saving £300 over the next year and at the same quadrupling our internet speed by renegotiating the ISA interest rate and upgrading the broadband package to fibre
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    Things I Don't Like

    I don't like going to an auction today to buy some livestock..... It was too dear!!!!!!! I'll be here all week 😃😃😃😃😃
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    focus magnetic gray mk3.5 st line

    car booked in for a cat back single rear pipe 4inch slash cut custom exhaust on the 11th febuary so once I have it back I will update with before and after pics and hopefully a video of the sound
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    mk3.5 sync3 removal

    thats great man , im here to help when i able to do 🙂
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    I recall reading somewhere that there was a software update issued for this issue. Take it to Ford and ask them to upgrade your modules as there would have been many since 2017, and as your car is still under warranty might as well get it done for free.
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    Due to the fact that I made the cable myself, I only needed to replace the connector. So, I got this connector, and sensor works great.
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    Road vibrations through brake pedal

    Indeed it does.
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    That's odd I've done mine 12-13 times and it should just pull out once the bolts are removed. I think I've figured out why you're struggling, there are actually 7 bolts to remove, 3 at the bottom and 4 at the top. At the top there are 2 bolts that are exposed (1 near each corner) and 2 that hold the lock/latch mechanism in place, I suspect due to the advice above you've probably not realised the lock/latch bolts also need to come out.
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    anyone ever used this

    Yep, was called Plastidip then. Works well Great on rope ends and tool handles as well. You can get its in spray form now as well
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    That easy fuel system !

    It's called cack handed lol nah I know I was brought up with the old ones and when I got one of these was like wtf. You need to not hold the pump elevated like you would on the normal ones or it will click like f**k just straight as can be and will click when full. Definitely you need a full replacement that's destroyed.
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    Air filter upgrade

    Same here decided now just to stick with original air filter.
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    Smallest mod ever? LOL

    LOL, I had originally wanted to get it carbon dipped, but a £40 spend on such a cheap car was silly money, and I already had the paint. Definitely don't need light in the back, but I will be installing 2 x footwell LEDs quite soon, as well as a set of DRLs. I've been pottering around modding cars now for 40 years, I really should have grown out of it by now!
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    focus magnetic gray mk3.5 st line

    yes here are the pics of the wheels this is the wheel before so you can see with the after pic how much better the new wheels fill the arches. also gone back to the standard rear lights at the minute so put in silver indicator bulbs to get rid of the fried egg look and bought a set of autobeam reverse l.e.d bulbs and must say they are bright bring the rear light up to date a treat. did try to catch a before with the standard bulb and after with the l.e.d but look better in the flesh. bottom pic is before standard bulb and the one above is after l.e.d bulb did buy a s badge from ebay that I added to the front grill. that it for the mo next on the list I want to get a custom exhaust just got to save again now lol also need to attach the front splitter from Maxton design when I got some spare time and the weather improves. Must say very happy with how the wheels have made the car look and glad I went for these as I was also looking at a set of bola B1S or bola B10S.
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    I would get under the car and check to see if the DPF pressure senser hose have split/ burnt through a common fault easily sorted, that may be why you have engine light on and no,loss of power.
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    I don’t like the idea of losing a bit of performance. If I bought the car because partly I liked the performance of it, and they take a bit away from the car because of a software update, seems a bit unfair.
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    totally dead car

    There is a pre-fuse box on the Mk3 Focus, and one of these, PF9, 50A, supplies F80 for the sunroof. It also powers a lot of other stuff, it is one of the main fuses, so little will work if it is blown. I suspect a short happened, somehow, between the live side of F80 and earth. This supply is always live (while battery is connected), so a short while the ignition is off will still blow it.
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    Cornering Lights

    No you are most definitely not!