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Dominic Bearcroft

Mk6 Fiesta Stereo - Change To Aftermarket Head Unit Help.

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I have a MK6 Fiesta on a 53. I want to change the standard stereo that i currently have, to an aftermarket single din head unit. Ive looked at the dash and ive looked at the conversion housing they do for it and i cant work out how that will work. Before i go and buy things i probably dont need, has anybody done this and can offer some advice. Also, if i want to run the amp wires through to the boot from the engine bay, is there a hole i can use for the positive cable or do i have to drill one out? Thanks.


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You got the ghia model I see. :) .Yours will have the three separate stereo set up so you will need to cut the two slats out then the after market single din will go in.I had the mk6 and 6.5 so know the set up you mean.I never done this conversion my self but it has been done and talked about on here before.Hope this helps.

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Now that makes sense as thats what i thought would have to happen - Just not too keen on cutting my car about though. I take it that whole panel has to come out though and once the single din unit goes in, i take it this will hide all the nasty cuts?

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alright m8 i got a fiesta zetec 05 plate with the same unit in u have to take the hole front of the dash of m8 take all screws out and then where the bak window heater buton is pop them out and theres 1 or 2 srew behind there once u took all the out the dash will all lift forward then u will c 4 screws holding the radio in take them out and un plug the radio cables u can get the dash face plate from halfords its where i got mine from but they at to order mine in also u will need a aerial adapter and the adapters for the main power to the radio u can also get these frok halfords the adampters are the same as the ford fusion i think it is when u get the face plate it will fit where the radio come out same screw holes everythink but the 2 seperating line things on the dash u need to cut off and file down so its like a square i hope thts helpful for u m8 and not confused u

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Yeah, you basically need to cut the plastic strips or whatever they're called out, then fit that fascia plate adaptor, then a normal stereo should slot right in. Hassle, but it is what makes modding fiestas fun :P I've spent a lot of money/time upgrading my whole audio system, it sounds amazing, and was totally worth the hobby! Be careful though, its addictive!

In regards to the sub, again with the fiesta it is difficult... there is no obvious hole for the wire. What I did was use a knife to cut a very small hole (just enough to fit the sub wire coming from the boot) in a rubber casing for the fiesta's own wires, which you will find under the glovebox. poke the wire through and it should come out under the bonnet, so you can get it to the battery. Hope this helped!

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