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What Would Make My Blowers Not Work And Cause The Anti-Freeze To Get Chucked Out?

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Hello, I'm new. :rolleyes:

Got a Fiesta Zetec S, 2007, and have noticed this issue. There was no service history with the car so it is possible it has not had a service in years...

I noticed the blowers were not working to temperature, if you put your hand by the blower you can feel it either hot or cold but you cant notice it in normal driving. Took it to a garage who thought it could be a head gasket, but performed a block test thing which came back negative so they think its less likely.

The antifreeze colour is nearly black.. The mechanic said it could just be down to adding in different anti-freeze that has caused gunk to build up and could stop the circulation properly and cause the blowers to not get to temperature. He said its possible that is why it is chucking the water up (which it only done when we undone the expansion tank bit).

It doesnt over heat, drove it 200 miles when it was 20C outside, crawling in traffic for over an hour by dartford!

He said the blowers have an electronic element which if the service doesnt sort should be my next avenue to look at.

45,000 miles 1.6 petrol.

Any help/ suggestions would be great!

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Hello and welcome to the forum

It may be worth getting your old anti- freeze flushed out - it should not be black, and this may prevent more problems in the future, especially if the anti-freeze has been diluted - it could freeze up/ expand next winter

You are right about the different types of ant- freeze (organic/ non organic) these should not be mixed and that is what may have happened and caused the black colour and possibly your problems

Once it is flushed out/ replaced with new coolant, that may cure it - take it from there/ keep an eye on the levels etc,

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When you drain the system down save some fluid in a bottle for a day or so.

If you get sediment at the bottom then the system was on need of a good flush out, if it goes to the top it'll be oil and you'll need to check for a cracked block or similar.

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wow thanks for the quick replies. The mechanic said when he does a service (Friday or Monday it will be) he will flush all the fluids out and replace with the Ford redish pink one he said.

I will ask him to keep some in a bottle as that seems a very simple way to find out!

So is it plausable that the issues could be caused by the anti-freeze and obvious poor care of the care?

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My antifreeze/coolant was a gunky rusty red colour when I changed mine. Had to flush it about 4 times to get it properly cleared then I left it for 2-3 months and gave the car a good run out with the fresh antifreeze, then flushed it again to get the rest of it 100% clean as a whistle. :)

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I suggest you change the thermostat as well as it sounds like it is partially stuck open. That would explain why it doesn't get so hot when driving but will do when stationary.

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