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Smax 2009 Ignition only fuse for Dashcam?

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Hello - I can't seem to find a definitive answer on the forums so wondered if anyone could help.

I want to hardwire my Nextbase dashcam to the Smax Central fuse box (under glovebox) by piggybacking off an existing fuse.

However the hardwire kit recommends a 'non permanent live' fuse such as rear wiper but this fuse on my model is in the engine box not the glovebox one.

I have attached a diagram of the fuses available to me can anyone suggest an ignition only fuse that is relatively safe/non vital i can piggy back off so my dash cam only operates when the car is turned on?


Thank you


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Cool - so it doesnt matter that my car has front sensors fitted, i can still use this fuse?

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Did this work for you? I had the same question a few months ago and every fuse location I tried remained live - I even left it an hour for each fuse to check they weren't kept live for a certain amount of time after locking the car.

I ended up buying a usb extender with an inline on/off switch so I can manually turn it off and on. Not ideal but works fine!

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Does fuse 4 work then anybody?

If not which one? Dont mind if it delays for 20 mins or whatever as long as it powers down eventually. As per adamzap I'm struggling to find one that is not permanent on my 2012 s-max.

Managed to do my Focus 2012 no bother.

Thanks in advance.

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IMG_4128.thumb.JPG.508b878ee7c36786ccd05b41a4b1b4fd.JPGI had the same issues as described above - all live. I searched around the internet until I found this - but of course there are unanswered questions above - so to give back a little..

I followed IanTT's comment on fuse 4 (the electronic feed) - which on my 2014 Smax is F20 (Central fuse box under the glove box).

Confirmed - works with switch and my dash cam is now happily plumbed into that fuse using a piggy back adaptor from halfords.


Images of my handbook and fusebox. Ignore circle around F9 - that's a red herring. I used F20 - the 7.5 amp fuse.


hope this helps someone.






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